Sunday, April 23, 2017


Leona Choy's
Get a Jump Start for Your Writing

God has given the creative gift of writing to some people who may need a little helpful nudge to develop that gift and skill. Don't let your ideas wash away in the sands of time. Leave legacy footprints!

Leona has written some books to provide inspiration, motivation, and a big dose of practical initial assistance in several areas to put some wind under your wings.

*You may want to write your own life story, your memoir, for your family—or for a larger outreach.
*You might want to leave a witness to your faith for the generations which follow.
* Perhaps you'd like to pass on your generational heritage and culture.If not you, who? If not now, when?
*You might have an urge to write your deeper thoughts in verse form or you already do so but would like to polish your skills.
* Whether you want to write poetry or not, you might like to learn what it's all about and how to appreciate different styles of poetry.
*Or you are simply looking for some suggestions on how to capture the ideas that are flitting around like butterflies in your mind and put them down in writing. 
*Or you might have reached the point where you are thinking about the publishing process for what you are writing.

Your life and thoughts are important to you and to God and possibly to others. You have survived ups and downs, adversities and celebrations, and reached milestones. You have acquired some wisdom with the years that you want to share.
 Don't wait--Write about it!

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