Friday, June 22, 2018

MOVING! “The whole kit and kaboodle”



When? Hopefully my new website will be active in a week or so.

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How do I apply that term to my MOVE?

The expression implies the whole nine yards, the whole ball of wax, the bundle, everybody and everything but the kitchen sink...and MORE.

The “kit” part is derived from a soldier's kit of necessaries, the contents of his knapsack. The “caboodle” comes from the word booty or bounty, the property one owns.

For you who are reading this, I apply "kit and kaboodle" to my all-inclusive MOVE from to

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Friday, June 1, 2018



A Dialogue with God

Leona Choy

Lord, would You please deal with this mountain

That is looming so high in my life?

What shall I call the mountain—Impossible?

Perhaps painful or inconvenient or disabling?

It's invisible, only for You and me to see.

But it hinders me. I'd say it really gets to me

Please remove it! You promised

it could be cast into the sea for me.*

How do You plan to get rid of my mountain, Lord?

Will You use a bulldozer and tunnel right through it?

Or will You fly me over it in an angel helicopter?

Or simply wave Your mighty hand

or speak the word and disappear it?

Do you want me to go around it?

Oh, there's a condition?

I must have faith like a grain of mustard seed.

So I offer that to You. Is that all You need?

Are You going to use it like a stick of dynamite

and blow up my mountain? Spectacular!

You want me to stop guessing how You'll remove it?

That's something that You decide? Okay, I get it.

You say I might have misnamed my mountain?

It could be called “cross” or perhaps “thorn”?

The cross is for me to gladly “take up and follow You.”*

Like “sharing in the fellowship of Your sufferings.”*

The thorn is given me for Your special purpose

And, like You answered the apostle Paul,*

You are not going to take it away?

I might have to live with my mountain?

Lord, that wasn't the way I hoped You'd

deal with my unwanted mountain!

Gladly glory in my infirmities

and Your grace will be sufficient for me?*

That's a pretty big order.

But You'll be helping me, right?



*Matthew 17:20; Matthew 10:38; Phil. 3:10; 1 Cor. 12:7-10