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We may know now where the country of Kuwait is since the Gulf war spotlighted it. But a generation or so ago it was not widely known and inhabited mostly by poor Bedouin tent dwellers. They were sheep and goat herders, impoverished and pathetic. As if things weren't bad enough, they noticed that their water source had become contaminated.

They were reported complaining, “If only there wasn't an oil slick on the water of our wells and rivers, our animals could drink safely and we could survive.” That was before they found out the incredible value of that nuisance oil that lay beneath the surface of the sand. Their discovery made them among the richest people in the world. Palaces replace tents and modern high rise buildings and resorts dot the sand dunes.

What is our “if only” complaint?

If only my circumstances had been different....
If only I had been born of different parents....
If only I had received more education or studied a different field....
If only I had such and such talent or ability....
If only I had married someone else....
If only my children had turned out better....
If only I had chosen a different job or career....
If only I could change my location....
If only I were young again and could start all over....

The grass always looks greener somewhere else. The Lord promised to lead His children “in green pastures” but perhaps the desert of our present life doesn't look much like a palm-treed oasis. Other people always seem to get the breaks.

Have we given serious thought and prayer to the fact that the oil in our water source may be there for some wonderful purpose of God? For our good? We are where we are because God planted us there. We are exactly who we are meant to be because God planned it that way. What we think is a hindrance, an obstacle, a stone of stumbling, may be a stepping stone for some opportunity that we have yet to see.

Our response as Christians to our circumstances is the key to finding the oil beneath the sand of our personal desert. We may be seeing no further than the smelly sheep and goats of our humdrum daily lives. God may have spiritual oil derricks in mind whereby we could not only experience victory over the adversities in our lives, but we could point others to our source of strength in Christ.

Let's look over the sandy desert of our lives today and put aside the “If onlys” of our grievences. It is a matter of outlook and attitude and vision. Let's pray that the Lord would open our eyes to see “green pastures and still waters” not as a false mirage but as a optimistic reality. We don't have to move anywhere else or change our circumstances. The Lord might have exciting surprises for us in the very situation where He has put us!

(The above is a sample of the 85 short, uplifting devotional meditations from Leona's 281 page book Living It UP! available with 3 live recorded CDs of her radio broadcast programs. A great book for your own personal devotions, to give to parents to encourage their walk with God, as a gift to the newly retired, and for your friends in care facilities. Only $15 plus s/h $4. Order from

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Leona hopes she has written just the right book for you that will reach the target of your heart's need--or that of your friends. How to decide which book or books you want to order?

She has tried to give you suggestions by offering 9 “bundled” specials during these past few weeks for folks who want to order her books according to certain subject matter -- and receive a discount to boot. Those offers are ongoing. You will always be able to access the details by going to the category BOOKS AND PUBLISHING in the column on the right of her Home Page.

Leona wants to make it simple and easy for you to order her books—all of her classics and her recently published titles. As always, orders promptly filled and your books signed by Leona according to your wishes! 

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NOTE! If you or someone you know needs or would benefit from a specific book from Leona but is unable for various reasons to pay for it, just let Leona know. God has blessed her and she will see to it that they will receive the book free-of-charge. Leona's books are a ministry as unto the Lord and not a for-profit-business.


Leona's book Living It Up! 
and 3 of her “live” broadcast CDs
previously aired on WTRM-FM

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Excellent gift “bundle” for senior friends, retirement gifts, and other occasions for friends and families.

For 5 years Leona Choy, president of radio station Southern Light Gospel Music Network, produced and aired her popular 5 minute daily broadcasts.

Many of Leona's programs have been reformatted on CD and are now available for your inspirational listening at home or in your car while commuting, shopping, or traveling. Each CD contains one hour of broadcasts each program complete in itself for bite-sized listening.

The book Living It Up! Meditations for “Seasoned Saints” contains 281 pages of Leona's radio broadcasts in comfortable size print font. Uplifting short selections specifically for sojourners in “prime time years.” Encouraging you to press on to new horizons of attitudes and faith.

These are “the best of...” selected broadcasts in which Leona shares her heart and experiences of mature years. Use them as daily devotional readings of positive thoughts to help you to keep growing and climbing more spiritual mountains. Share this "bundle" with your retired or retiring friends!

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The LAND OF MORE Trilogy

In the first book: JOURNEY
After a joy filled lifetime as an evangelical missionary, author, minister's wife, publisher, and radio broadcaster, and already in advanced years, the farthest thing from Leona's mind was to make any faith paradigm shift. An unexpected encounter with a respected long time ministry friend who did just that was to eventually challenge her faith trajectory. She determined to explore that friend's faith journey in order to refute it. In this book, Leona chronicled her initial questions, misconceptions, presuppositions, and surprising discoveries about the Catholic Church. In the process, she weighed the consequences this JOURNEY could bring her if she was persuaded of its truth.  After four years of intense historical research, biblical study and prayer, she felt God's leading at the age of 80 to be received into the Catholic Church which she calls The Land of More .

The second book: TREASURES
A natural sequel to the first, endeavors to answer the question: What were her first few years like as a new Catholic Christian? The short answer is that they launched Leona into a still greater fruitful, active, and exciting season of spiritual discovery, relationships and ministry. Did her advanced age keep her from enjoying the new TREASURES? How did she square it all with the Scriptures? Did she have to leave behind her entire lifetime evangelical backpack of already acquired precious treasures? How did she deal with the cross-cultural adjustments in her new Catholic world? How has she "bridged" relationships with a lifetime of evangelical friends and coworkers? What was the mother lode of treasure she found, and all the other gold nuggets spilling out of the spiritual treasure chest of the Church?

In her third book: FLOURISHING
Leona discovered STILL MORE! She shares her overall experiences while living as a Catholic Christian into her nonagenarian years. Our vintage season or as Leona calls it, our "summit years," is normally packed with adjustments and struggles unique to that period of life. In her Catholic faith lived out, Leona found gems of joyous truth shining even more brilliantly in the Scriptures. She was encouraged to endure and persevere until mortal life's finish line. "Flourishing" is not the usual way many people think of the calendar challenge. But Leona does! As the climb to the summit becomes steeper, she shares insights with her readers which help make the aging journey's "rough places smoother" and the "crooked places straighter."

These books will challenge someone who thinks he or she is too old to change. We are on solid ground if we are willing to explore firsthand the authentic historical and biblical facts for ourselves. Our faith can be refreshed as we rediscover
STILL MORE about the precious treasures of God's Truth
 that we might be taking for granted.

Each book $12.95 plus $4 s/h.
 Set of entire Trilogy $35 plus $5 s/h
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Leona Choy's
Get a Jump Start for Your Writing

God has given the creative gift of writing to some people who may need a little helpful nudge to develop that gift and skill. Don't let your ideas wash away in the sands of time. Leave legacy footprints!

Leona has written some books to provide inspiration, motivation, and a big dose of practical initial assistance in several areas to put some wind under your wings.

*You may want to write your own life story, your memoir, for your family—or for a larger outreach.
*You might want to leave a witness to your faith for the generations which follow.
* Perhaps you'd like to pass on your generational heritage and culture.If not you, who? If not now, when?
*You might have an urge to write your deeper thoughts in verse form or you already do so but would like to polish your skills.
* Whether you want to write poetry or not, you might like to learn what it's all about and how to appreciate different styles of poetry.
*Or you are simply looking for some suggestions on how to capture the ideas that are flitting around like butterflies in your mind and put them down in writing. 
*Or you might have reached the point where you are thinking about the publishing process for what you are writing.

Your life and thoughts are important to you and to God and possibly to others. You have survived ups and downs, adversities and celebrations, and reached milestones. You have acquired some wisdom with the years that you want to share.
 Don't wait--Write about it!

  Order Leona's WRITING TRILOGY for only $25 plus $4 s/h from or 540-877-1813 
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Leona Choy's Contemporary Poetry

Many have asked about a new collection of my poetry written during my personal harvest season of life, most of which you have been reading in recent years on my blog posts.
 Okay, here it is—One of my five newly published books is nearly 200 pages of my "vintage years" poems: 

Friends who are already familiar with my poetry from my blog and my other published Anthologies know that I don't write run-of-the-mill rhymed and metered greeting card verse. I take my own path less traveled by writing free verse full of similes, metaphors,
 figurative language and poetic devices.
 But you never need to wonder what the point of my poem is. 
I don't leave you guessing. At the same time, I don't "sermonize."

I call my versifications "psalms" and my collection is virtually a "hymnbook" since most of them are "Psalms to the King of kings," unsophisticated prayers about ordinary matters and dialogues with God which reflect my hopefully accumulated wisdom as a nonagenarian. These psalm-poems are learning-observations during my joyful autumn years, which I call 

my calendar-challenged season at the summit of my days. 
But wait!
 Some have let me know that as much as they appreciate reading my poetry in print and sharing it with friends, they still would like to HEAR me read some of it aloud. Then, when they read other books of my poetry, it would be as if they could "hear my voice" from the written page.

Sowhenever you order a copy of PSALMS OF MY HARVEST, I will include a one hour CD on which I read some of my poems from this new volume as well as from my other collections. 
And More! 

As long as the supply lasts, I will choose still another previously published book of my poetry and include it in your order as a surprise bonus!

Another "bundled" discount!
All for only $16 plus $4 s/h!

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Ted and Leona's Autobiographies "Bundled" (5)

Recently Reprinted--Now Available!

Follow the unlikely journeys of Ted and Leona Choy with ancestry from two very different parts of our Planet. They met as students at Wheaton College, Illinois after Ted's graduation from seminary and his service in the U.S. Marines. They were married in Leona's heartland hometown in Iowa in the intense heat of August 1947 where everyone in attendance remembers watching the wedding candles in church melting in mid-service (yes, it was before air conditioning days!).

Then they sailed off (literally) "on a slow boat to China” to fulfill their missionary calling in Hong Kong. The birth of four sons later, and the founding of a Chinese Church in the nation's capital, and co-founding of a university campus para-church ministry among Chinese students and professionals--and the rest, as they say, is history

Chronicled in both their biographies are forty-six years of marriage and ministry and parenting and grandparenting, and returning repeatedly to China to assist the persecuted underground churches until Ted left for Heaven in 1992.
If you don't find their true adventures to be page-turners,
you are welcome to take advantage of the publisher's money-back-guarantee! Seriously!

Single copies of Ted and Leona Choy's biographies
 $12.95 plus $4 s/h.
When both books are purchased at one time
the "bundled" price is discounted to 
only $25 plus $5 s/h. 
Ordering or 540-877-1813
Checks made payable to Leona Choy and sent to
497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603
Credit card payment

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SAGE and SELAH, A "Bundled Duet" (4)

Two of Leona Choy's most recent books are available as single copies or as a “bundled duet.”
Followers of Leona's popular blog: THE REST OF THE WAY,, urged her to compile the most popular of her blog posts into book form so they could enjoy them in a hands-on way anytime. Two of her new books pictured above, totaling nearly 500 pages together, are the result. 

The automatic tally of the average number of views per month for Leona's blog is between 2,000 and 3,000. Since viewers are able to read her posts in their own language with just the click of a finger on her Home Page, it doesn't matter whether they can read English or not. What she has written pops up in their own language whether they choose Swahili, Swedish, or the Shanghai dialect of Chinese! Oh, the marvels of technology! 

Leona used to travel the world in ministry with her late husband, Ted. Awesome, isn't it, that at her advanced age rather than booking a flight to Asia or parts unknown, and without leaving her writing studio and computer, she can reach Internet viewers worldwide?

Leona enhances each of her blog posts with appropriate photos or art work but in essence, “she paints with words.” (Sage Brushings) She has been a blogger for nearly 10 years and all of her posts remain accessible in the blog archives at—but now they are also available to the reader in book form as short, personal thought-reflections based on her life experiences. Her analogies are squarely based on relevant Scripture passages. She invites the reader to "press the PAUSE button" and think on these things. (Selah Reflections)

The short, pithy topics in these books may be described as savory word snacks in bite size, each taking less than five minutes to read. The subjects run the gamut of everyday life encounters and Leona's comments on them from a Christian world view are often presented with a dash of humor. Readers are welcome to pick up the books and read anyplace at anytime, as they are inclined. There is no particular sequence to the experiences and thoughts she presents. Each entry is meant to stand alone, to be enjoyed on its own terms.

Single copies of these two books are $12.95 plus $4 s/h.
When both books are purchased,

 the price is discounted to $25 plus $5 s/h. 

Order from:, or 540-877-1813

Checks made payable to Leona Choy
497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603

Credit card purchases through

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SUMMIT YEARS TRILOGY "Bundled Discount" (3)


At best it isn't easy to navigate one's vintage years.
 The calendar pages flip all too fast and you wonder,
"Where was I when all those years came and went?"
At whatever season of life we find ourselves, we still have time to redeem our days, live in the moment, polish up our attitude—yes, even AGE JOYFULLY. God will help us meet the CHALLENGES of the changes that life inevitably brings us. We can LIVE IT UP, keep growing, and climbing more spiritual mountains in our mature years. Aging doesn't need to be a downhill slide. We can live meaningfully and purposefully as we walk with God in our seasoned years.

Leona's classic book LIVING IT UP! contains over 280 pages of short daily devotional readings on relevant topics for "the mature reader" to draw the spirit UPward toward God. Its positive thoughts will stimulate meaningful living in one's seasoned years. The author's contemporary poems used on her radio broadcasts grace the pages. The topics in this book represent the most popular of her radio broadcasts in print format.

While supplies last, Leona will include a CD of her choice with over one hour of her "live" radio station broadcasts (12-18 programs)

The other two companion books AGING JOYFULLY and AGING CHALLENGES focus on both the spiritual and practical issues related to advancing years and cover the gamut of topics to successfully navigate our vintage season.

The inspiration and practical suggestions provided in these three books will motivate you to maximize your mature years and make them count for God while giving you new horizons of faith to build you up spiritually.

Whether you are purchasing these books as gifts to encourage someone else in his or her prime time years or for yourself as you enter that untraveled summit stage of life, you will find new inspiration on every page.

  These books make meaningful retirement gifts and birthday gifts for parents and grandparents.

Single copies $12.95 plus $4 s/h
The "bundled" price for this TRILOGY including the CD 
 is only $35 plus $5 s/h.

 ORDER from, 540-877-1813.
Make checks payable to Leona Choy and mail to
497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603
Credit card purchases can now be made through


(Bundled Discount Offer

 Like it or not, some kind of medical or surgical event probably waits around the corner for you or your family. Leona's book HOSPITAL GOWNS is for first-timers who, like her, suddenly face cancer, a serious illness, accident or surgery. Also for graduate students in schools of pain and chronic illness.

Leona candidly shares her own fears and tears, trauma and drama, questions and apprehensions, learnings, doubt, and joyful shouts. She doesn't claim to have all the answers, but she puts on hospital slippers to walk with you through your illness adventure. The two of you will walk with God and try to find His purpose in your physical distress. In this book you will struggle together from the pre-op hurdles and “whys” through the O.R. experience, and you learn together to step carefully all the way through the recovery minefield.

Adding sparks of humor throughout the book is Miss Meow the nurse and GG the bunny who is also in charge of the reader's interactive opportunity through “Personal Workout” questions at the end of each chapter.

Bundled with the 314 page book HOSPITAL GOWNS Leona gives you 2 copies of the companion “A Taste Of...” book ARE YOU MAD AT ME, GOD? which duplicates the first 75 pages, (the first 5 chapters) of the HOSPITAL GOWNS book.

This smaller book is handy to give as a thoughtful caring gift to a friend who is facing an illness or entering the hospital. It whets the appetite for reading the larger, more inclusive book. This smaller book is also available in quantities on a contribution basis.

We all know people who are jumping illness hurdles. Buy Leona's books to help them through the process. Perhaps you are going through an illness trauma yourself!  

Single copies of Leona's book HOSPITAL GOWNS are $12.95 plus $4 s/h. 
  Jumping Illness Hurdles "Bundled Discount" includes:
 Leona's book HOSPITAL GOWNS, 2 companion books, plus a one hour CD of Leona informally reading paraphrased excerpts from the first couple of chapters of her book--all for $20 plus $5 s/h!

TO ORDER:, 540-877-1813, checks to be sent to 497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603. Credit card payments available through

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Featured "Bundled" Discount


          A Widow's Valley of Learning
         Strength From the Rock
         Travel Tips for Your Journey

In SINGLED OUT Leona Choy explores universal grief feelings from multiple directions drawing both on her own experience and moving stories of fellow travelers who have walked the single road. She anchors her insights squarely in the Scriptures and wrestles with the hard questions.

The WIDOW'S MIGHT offers 73 power-packed daily spiritual meditations in a user-friendly format guiding the reader through the often dark tunnel of grieving into the warm light of God's promises. Topics focus on might, strength, and power which a widow who is a Christian might have in short supply as she adjusts to her "new normal."

In NOT ALONE Leona has excerpted distilled gem-thoughts from her flagship book SINGLED OUT. It is an ideal first caring gift to someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. Included in this book is a 50 page STUDY GUIDE for use individually or with a support group.

Every one of us knows friends or relatives 
who have experienced the loss of a loved one.
Purchase Leona's books as a gift for them!

Single copies are $12.95 plus $4 s/h. 
All 3 books for $35 plus $5 s/h

TO ORDER:, 540-877-1813, 497 Devland Dr. 
Winchester, VA 22603
Credit card purchases may be made through
Excerpts from newly published "Not Alone"
....I have been through a sudden emotional storm with the death of my spouse. It is natural to feel battered. The sun is not yet fully shining, but God has promised to bring me through. No storm lasts forever. With the songwriter I affirm, "Roses will bloom again, just wait and see. I don't know when, but roses will bloom again." The Lord watches over me, come what may. His promises will never fail....

....Often unexpectedly,sometimes over trivial household repairs, grief will rear its troublesome head. I will begin to indulge in self-pity. I realize that I'll have to learn to survive in an unfinished, unfixed, imperfect environment. Either I will have to start trying to fix things myself or learn patience as I wait for someone to rescue me....

....I can't hop into a plane called "Hope" and rise above normal, human feelings. Healthy grieving is a ground transportation experience. I must make my way over rough terrain, struggle uphill, sometimes coast back downhill. At times I end in ditches at the side of the road.  But God wants me to be patient with myself, as He is patient with me.... 

....My spouse has gone on ahead, but my Lord has further marching order for me. Perhaps renewed marching orders in the same direction, or different in some respects--or totally different. Whatever God's assignment, I will no longer carry it out as a married couple. Nevertheless, I will carry it out as a couple! There will still be two of us--God and me!....

....Healthy adjustment is an ongoing process and I'll never "arrive." I can't expect to learn to be single again overnight. As new situations arise, they require new adjustments, an alteration here and there. The Lord and I will be working together to make my new role fit so I can move on to live and please Him....

....If I am not careful, I could sentence myself to prison, even to solitary confinement. Others do not lock me in. I walk into that cell by my own choice and close the door. If I make excuses and decline invitations to accompany friends to activities, church, and leisure pursuits, I can vegetate unnecessarily. Balance in my life with sufficient time alone and also blocks of time with people enables me to take advantage of God's entire green pastureland. (John 10:9)

Friday, April 14, 2017


Encore post by request at Easter
[The night Jesus was betrayed] "...they all left Him and fled. And a certain young man was following Him, wearing nothing but a linen sheet over his naked body; and they seized him. But he left the linen sheet behind, and escaped naked." Mark 14:50-52 

 Mark is the only Gospel writer who records this incident. Was he himself perchance that young follower of Jesus whose mother is identified as Mary of Jerusalem? Mark is referred to by historians as 'John Mark of Jerusalem'. His mother is known to have hosted Jesus and His disciples in her probably spacious home, which remained a gathering place for prayer for the early Christians. (Acts 12:12). She may have been one of the women who followed Jesus seeing to their collective material needs with their own resources.

Her home may have been the location of the Last Supper. (Mark 14:15) My pure speculation, but Mark may have been there that night assisting his mom with the hospitality. After they had sung the last hymn and headed off to the Mount of Olives, (Mark 14:26) young Mark might have been getting ready for bed when his mom got wind of something sinister about to happen to Jesus in a familiar location not far from their home. He might have taken off at a run to see for himself, neglecting to put his clothes back on. Could he have been "the young man wrapped in a sheet" who got scared and ran off after the soldiers arrested Jesus?

 From a Commentary: The early Church is practically unanimous in ascribing the Second Gospel to Mark, the cousin of Barnabas and associate of Paul and Peter. Thought to have been baptized by Peter, strong tradition also supports the assertion that in this Gospel he recorded the firsthand recollections and preaching of Peter, who calls Mark "my son" in 1 Peter 5:13. Mark was along on one of the early missionary journeys with Paul and Barnabas but dropped out and returned home to Jerusalem for unknown reasons. (Acts 13:13) This resulted in "a sharp disagreement" between Paul and Barnabas and a parting of their ways. (Acts 15:39) As John Mark, the unproven fledgling Christian, matured in his faith and became a steady, dependable disciple, he was restored into the good graces of Paul. (Colossians 4:10) After the death of Peter, historians say that John Mark became the first bishop of the Alexandrian Church.

(An imagined scenario)
What happened to Jesus’ sandals?
Leona Choy

Soldiers jerked off His sandals
to nail His bare feet
to a rough-splintered cross
callously casting lots
for His seamless garment.
They tossed aside His filthy sandals
caked with mud
stained with blood
from His painful struggle
up Golgotha's hill
--not worth a throw of dice.

Then I noticed the sandals
hugged tightly under the arm
of a frightened youth.
They called him John Mark.
Where had I seen him before?
At the synagogue door?
Or helping his mother
hosting the Last Supper?
Perhaps in Gethsemane
running naked from the grasp
of Jesus' enemy?

What would that lad do
with those precious sandals?
Were they just a souvenir
of a grisly spectacle
that even in a later movie age
would surely be rated "R"
for violence and brutality?

Hiding alone in the shadows
on the fringes of the crowd
the boy watched the Man on the cross
suffering and dying.
Without Parental Guidance
to explain the meaning
of this atrocity
would he grasp the import
of this scandalous documentary?

Would this wide-eyed youth
understand the dreadful drama
he beheld that historic day
outside the city wall?
Would he realize that God 
had planned it all
from Eternity?

Would God provide a mentor
to relate the significance
of the death of this Man
who laid aside His sandals and robe
in the Upper Room
and stooped to wash
the grimy feet of His friends?

Would the boy wear those sandals?
Would he dare?
Would he be found worthy
and chosen eventually
to walk in the sandals
of that God-Man of Galilee?
Would they be to him
like the mantle of Elijah
enduing him doubly
with power for service?

Would he wear those very sandals
to take the Good News
one day far away
on missionary journeys?

YES! And he would write
a Gospel for those 
who weren't there
those scattered everywhere
down the corridors of time
to tell what he had witnessed
firsthand with his youthful eyes
at the Cross that terrible day
and received from the keen memory
of Peter the fisherman-disciple
who too had known
the beloved Christ of Galilee
and followed Him
in his own sandals!