Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The LAND OF MORE Trilogy

In the first book: JOURNEY
After a joy filled lifetime as an evangelical missionary, author, minister's wife, publisher, and radio broadcaster, and already in advanced years, the farthest thing from Leona's mind was to make any faith paradigm shift. An unexpected encounter with a respected long time ministry friend who did just that was to eventually challenge her faith trajectory. She determined to explore that friend's faith journey in order to refute it. In this book, Leona chronicled her initial questions, misconceptions, presuppositions, and surprising discoveries about the Catholic Church. In the process, she weighed the consequences this JOURNEY could bring her if she was persuaded of its truth.  After four years of intense historical research, biblical study and prayer, she felt God's leading at the age of 80 to be received into the Catholic Church which she calls The Land of More .

The second book: TREASURES
A natural sequel to the first, endeavors to answer the question: What were her first few years like as a new Catholic Christian? The short answer is that they launched Leona into a still greater fruitful, active, and exciting season of spiritual discovery, relationships and ministry. Did her advanced age keep her from enjoying the new TREASURES? How did she square it all with the Scriptures? Did she have to leave behind her entire lifetime evangelical backpack of already acquired precious treasures? How did she deal with the cross-cultural adjustments in her new Catholic world? How has she "bridged" relationships with a lifetime of evangelical friends and coworkers? What was the mother lode of treasure she found, and all the other gold nuggets spilling out of the spiritual treasure chest of the Church?

In her third book: FLOURISHING
Leona discovered STILL MORE! She shares her overall experiences while living as a Catholic Christian into her nonagenarian years. Our vintage season or as Leona calls it, our "summit years," is normally packed with adjustments and struggles unique to that period of life. In her Catholic faith lived out, Leona found gems of joyous truth shining even more brilliantly in the Scriptures. She was encouraged to endure and persevere until mortal life's finish line. "Flourishing" is not the usual way many people think of the calendar challenge. But Leona does! As the climb to the summit becomes steeper, she shares insights with her readers which help make the aging journey's "rough places smoother" and the "crooked places straighter."

These books will challenge someone who thinks he or she is too old to change. We are on solid ground if we are willing to explore firsthand the authentic historical and biblical facts for ourselves. Our faith can be refreshed as we rediscover
STILL MORE about the precious treasures of God's Truth
 that we might be taking for granted.

Each book $12.95 plus $4 s/h.
 Set of entire Trilogy $35 plus $5 s/h
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