Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Leona hopes she has written just the right book for you that will reach the target of your heart's need--or that of your friends. How to decide which book or books you want to order?

She has tried to give you suggestions by offering 9 “bundled” specials during these past few weeks for folks who want to order her books according to certain subject matter -- and receive a discount to boot. Those offers are ongoing. You will always be able to access the details by going to the category BOOKS AND PUBLISHING in the column on the right of her Home Page.

Leona wants to make it simple and easy for you to order her books—all of her classics and her recently published titles. As always, orders promptly filled and your books signed by Leona according to your wishes! 

So, here's an idea to make it still easier for you!

 At ANYTIME you may order ANY of Leona's books as SINGLES, DOUBLES, or TRIPLES regardless of TITLES or SUBJECTS for the following standard, ongoing prices:

SINGLES = One copy of any of Leona's books without exception will continue to cost only $12.95 plus $4 s/h. 

 “Mix or match” DOUBLES = Two of the same title or two different books: Always only $25 plus $5 s/h.

TRIPLES = “Mix or match” any three books: three of the same books or three different books regardless of title or subject always only $35 plus $5 s/h.

If you wish to order a quantity of a certain title, inquire for a discount. 
Isn't that simple?

And now, for your convenience, you can pay by credit card through paypal.me/LeonaChoy

You can always order by email: leonachoy@gmail.com or phone Leona 540-877-1813

Your checks made payable to Leona Choy and send to 497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603

NOTE! If you or someone you know needs or would benefit from a specific book from Leona but is unable for various reasons to pay for it, just let Leona know. God has blessed her and she will see to it that they will receive the book free-of-charge. Leona's books are a ministry as unto the Lord and not a for-profit-business.

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