Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SAGE and SELAH, A "Bundled Duet" (4)

Two of Leona Choy's most recent books are available as single copies or as a “bundled duet.”
Followers of Leona's popular blog: THE REST OF THE WAY,, urged her to compile the most popular of her blog posts into book form so they could enjoy them in a hands-on way anytime. Two of her new books pictured above, totaling nearly 500 pages together, are the result. 

The automatic tally of the average number of views per month for Leona's blog is between 2,000 and 3,000. Since viewers are able to read her posts in their own language with just the click of a finger on her Home Page, it doesn't matter whether they can read English or not. What she has written pops up in their own language whether they choose Swahili, Swedish, or the Shanghai dialect of Chinese! Oh, the marvels of technology! 

Leona used to travel the world in ministry with her late husband, Ted. Awesome, isn't it, that at her advanced age rather than booking a flight to Asia or parts unknown, and without leaving her writing studio and computer, she can reach Internet viewers worldwide?

Leona enhances each of her blog posts with appropriate photos or art work but in essence, “she paints with words.” (Sage Brushings) She has been a blogger for nearly 10 years and all of her posts remain accessible in the blog archives at—but now they are also available to the reader in book form as short, personal thought-reflections based on her life experiences. Her analogies are squarely based on relevant Scripture passages. She invites the reader to "press the PAUSE button" and think on these things. (Selah Reflections)

The short, pithy topics in these books may be described as savory word snacks in bite size, each taking less than five minutes to read. The subjects run the gamut of everyday life encounters and Leona's comments on them from a Christian world view are often presented with a dash of humor. Readers are welcome to pick up the books and read anyplace at anytime, as they are inclined. There is no particular sequence to the experiences and thoughts she presents. Each entry is meant to stand alone, to be enjoyed on its own terms.

Single copies of these two books are $12.95 plus $4 s/h.
When both books are purchased,

 the price is discounted to $25 plus $5 s/h. 

Order from:, or 540-877-1813

Checks made payable to Leona Choy
497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603

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