Thursday, April 22, 2010


May 2010 was the release date of:
"My Journey to the Land of MORE -- Evangelical to Catholic"
by Leona Choy

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  • Making a paradigm faith shift at the age of 80 when changes are difficult
  • Losing happy Protestant ministry relationships she had enjoyed for a lifetime
  • Being misunderstood by her family to whom she had become a role model matriarch
  • Potentially affecting her descendants for generations with her decision to become Catholic
  • Losing readers for her many published books written from an evangelical perspective
  • Starting all over to make friends in a new and unfamiliar Catholic setting
  • Exchanging her worldview and eschatology for a different biblical perspective so late in life
  • Abandoning her lifelong reputation in evangelical leadership

NOT following the truth which she believed God led her to discover in the Catholic faith?

This is a book the author never dreamed of writing. It is an unexpected sequel to her 30th book, her autobiography, Czeching My Roots, which she thought was her final word and last book. God surprised her with an 11th hour journey into the joyous fullness of biblical faith she found in the Catholic Church.

ACCOMPANY Leona Choy through her attempts to "rescue" a friend who had become Catholic. STRUGGLE with her for 4 years of diligent biblical, and historical research and fervent prayer while trying not to become Catholic. REJOICE with her to finally be received into the one holy catholic and apostolic Church in 2005 and arrive at The Land of MORE.

What reviewers are saying

"This is an amazing book written with immense intelligence. The author has thoroughly scoured every possible question that might arise over the question of the Church. It is a vastly courageous and candid account: with remorseless self-scrutiny Leona has laid bare for us every single doubt, temptation, and fear that beleaguered her during her quest. I'd say it is in the drop-everything-and-read-it category."
Dr. Thomas Howard, convert, author, professor

"Leona presents in powerful prose the truths our Lord revealed to her late in life. She witnesses to God's hand on her life from infancy, guiding her steps and calling her to ever deeper commitment. Her years of service provided the basis from which she could discover the fullness of faith and the riches of grace in the Catholic Church."
Kimberly Hahn (Mrs. Scott Hahn), convert, author

"Leona's journey is a visceral, though joyous, rebellion against the idea that 'church' is a commodity or service one chooses--like a pair of slacks one can have tailored to one's specifications."
Dr. Francis J. Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies, convert and author

From the Publisher

"With great joy we publish this truly inspiring account of Leona Choy's journey to the Church. She covers all the bases, presenting in a concise yet fully readable apologetic format all the major issues that discourage Jesus-loving, Bible-believing Christians from considering the Catholic Church. Please, read this book prayerfully. If you love Jesus Christ and are willing to follow Him anywhere, you may find yourself on a journey you never dreamed."
Marcus C. Grodi, convert, founder of The Coming Home Network International


Pain--A Learning Experience

Recently I went through 24/7 excruciating, stabbing pain in my lower back to the extent that getting up or down from a sitting or lying position caused me to scream with pain. I asked the Lord “Why?” My question was not a complaint or a whine, but an honest inquiry to find out from God why He was permitting me to go through this experience at this present time when it was most inconvenient.

I believe that nothing concerning God’s children is random or without purpose. Every experience is always for our learning and growth in the fruits of the Holy Spirit and progress in holiness; we are in formation and transformation toward the image of Jesus while we are on earth.

Waiting on God in prayer and applying my mind to this question, I came up with many possible reasons for this painful experience for myself especially during a time when I thought I needed to be hale and hearty for responsibilities and involvement in a sacred event at Easter time. Some of these conclusions are deeply personal but at the same time applicable to other situations and persons. My basic premise is that since I am in Christ, God is working all things together for His glory and my good whether I see reasons for it or not. (Romans 8:28)

1. To be reminded of my mortality and weakness and limitations while I am in this body of flesh.

2. To realize that I am not in control or in charge of my life—God is.

3. To empathize with others and learn to be more compassionate to those who suffer both acute and chronic pain.

4. To practice praying without ceasing as I cry out to God for relief.

5. To resist the devil and claim God’s promise that he must flee if he is the cause of this situation.

6. To truly trust God that all things are working together in this particular situation whether I am able to fulfill my responsibilities or not.

7. To recognize that even this pain could be an answer to my own prayers to draw closer to Jesus.

8. To perceive that the devil may be attacking a specific event or persons involved, including myself. It may not be about me.

9. To show up my pride “that I am not like others…” but always seem to be a bundle of energy despite my age. This is to humble me and show my common humanity and vulnerability.

10. Since I belong to God, to trust that it is His responsibility to allow or not to allow illness or pain, to heal or not to heal, to use human means or divine means.

11. To test me if I really mean and practice what I preach when I say that I will accept God’s will if He does not heal my pain but allows it to continue.

12. To force me to cry out to God and declare continually, “Jesus, I trust in You.”

13. To demonstrate that my home (and my spirit) is truly a “house of prayer” and be more disciplined, consistent, and serious in my daily prayer life.

14. To practice what the apostle Paul learned about his “thorn in the flesh” not being removed despite his continued prayer for relief—that when I am weak, God’s strength will take over in a greater way.

15. That God may be laying me aside from over-activity in order to teach me deeper truths of the spirit in the solitude and quiet of His presence.

16. To learn more about how to identify with the sufferings of Christ to redeem my soul—by comparison my slight pain is as “a light affliction.”

17. To learn to genuinely offer up my own pain for specific persons and needs and pray for them.