Thursday, December 22, 2011

A large slice of time has passed!

My blog-viewers, if there are any faithful/hopeful ones left, must have thought I had become incapacitated or left Planet Earth for Heaven! I have not blogged for SIX MONTHS!
But I am still here!
The reason for my silence has been my priority to focus all my writing strength on finishing the first draft of my latest book manuscript --the sequel to my book published the year before.
The title of this new book is LIVING THE TREASURES OF THE LAND OF MORE. I accomplished that goal with the Lord's enabling, and have been waiting for responses from reviewers before I do a final edit and send it off for publishing.
The NEW YEAR 2012 is an opportunity to re-start my blog afresh--if my time will allow. I have come to realize I can't do everything that I would like, and must look to the Lord for sharpened priorities.

My Christmas letter follows with a brief update on my life.

Dear Friends and family whose Christmas greetings and annual newsletters have been filling my mailbox:

I thought I wouldn’t send a “year report letter” this year, but so many have asked about my well-being and my doings that I owe a brief response. I do appreciate all your kind and loving thoughts and prayers in my direction.
Uppermost I always thank God for His goodness and mercy and blessings which He so generously still faithfully showers upon me in my 86th year—unbelievable to me to write such a high number! Our 4 sons and families, 10 grandchildren, and 7 great-grands are all well and thriving—an enormous blessing. I’ve tried to express it this way:
When my sons became fathers of children
that was a milestone—for them and for me.
Time passed—suddenly, it seems
my sons have become grandparents!
I sit down on that new milestone
in wonder and ponder
that God has been so incredibly good to me
blessing me to enjoy such relational prosperity
as to see my children’s children’s children
my generational progeny! my abundant posterity!
This year I’ve had some physical challenges but mostly chronic and chronologically related—I’m coping with the not-fixables and the normal, mortal, growing limitations—for which God’s grace is super-sufficient and medical skill is helpful—but not so much!
The Christian radio station that we established and of which I am president celebrated its 25th anniversary with celebratory events and a move into spacious facilities for studios and administration in downtown Winchester with enough room for expansion, including a sister station in the future with a different format.
No significant travel this year. Mostly I was a stay-at-home with writing focused on completing a sequel to my book published last year. LIVING THE TREASURES OF THE LAND OF MORE is slated to go to press, Lord willing, early in 2012. Lately I unexpectedly sneaked in the time to compile a limited edition of some of my contemporary poems of recent years into a little volume titled LATTER RAIN: WORDSMITHING VERSE in the Late Season of my Life which I shaped up as a Christmas gift for my families. Next year, as God enables, I’m eager to work on some other book manuscripts in process that I hope to finish.
If snowstorms don’t interfere, I anticipate joining our families in some events around Christmas and our parish family for New Year celebrations. Probably some entertaining of good friends joyfully slipped in between.
I pray that God will bless and guide you through the coming year as He unfolds more of His perfect plan for your life. Trust Him. God is always good and works for your good and His glory through your life and through the circumstances God has designed specifically for YOU.