Tuesday, April 18, 2017


(Bundled Discount Offer

 Like it or not, some kind of medical or surgical event probably waits around the corner for you or your family. Leona's book HOSPITAL GOWNS is for first-timers who, like her, suddenly face cancer, a serious illness, accident or surgery. Also for graduate students in schools of pain and chronic illness.

Leona candidly shares her own fears and tears, trauma and drama, questions and apprehensions, learnings, doubt, and joyful shouts. She doesn't claim to have all the answers, but she puts on hospital slippers to walk with you through your illness adventure. The two of you will walk with God and try to find His purpose in your physical distress. In this book you will struggle together from the pre-op hurdles and “whys” through the O.R. experience, and you learn together to step carefully all the way through the recovery minefield.

Adding sparks of humor throughout the book is Miss Meow the nurse and GG the bunny who is also in charge of the reader's interactive opportunity through “Personal Workout” questions at the end of each chapter.

Bundled with the 314 page book HOSPITAL GOWNS Leona gives you 2 copies of the companion “A Taste Of...” book ARE YOU MAD AT ME, GOD? which duplicates the first 75 pages, (the first 5 chapters) of the HOSPITAL GOWNS book.

This smaller book is handy to give as a thoughtful caring gift to a friend who is facing an illness or entering the hospital. It whets the appetite for reading the larger, more inclusive book. This smaller book is also available in quantities on a contribution basis.

We all know people who are jumping illness hurdles. Buy Leona's books to help them through the process. Perhaps you are going through an illness trauma yourself!  

Single copies of Leona's book HOSPITAL GOWNS are $12.95 plus $4 s/h. 
  Jumping Illness Hurdles "Bundled Discount" includes:
 Leona's book HOSPITAL GOWNS, 2 companion books, plus a one hour CD of Leona informally reading paraphrased excerpts from the first couple of chapters of her book--all for $20 plus $5 s/h!

TO ORDER: leonachoy@gmail.com, 540-877-1813, checks to be sent to 497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603. Credit card payments available through paypal.me/LeonaChoy.

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