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          A Widow's Valley of Learning
         Strength From the Rock
         Travel Tips for Your Journey

In SINGLED OUT Leona Choy explores universal grief feelings from multiple directions drawing both on her own experience and moving stories of fellow travelers who have walked the single road. She anchors her insights squarely in the Scriptures and wrestles with the hard questions.

The WIDOW'S MIGHT offers 73 power-packed daily spiritual meditations in a user-friendly format guiding the reader through the often dark tunnel of grieving into the warm light of God's promises. Topics focus on might, strength, and power which a widow who is a Christian might have in short supply as she adjusts to her "new normal."

In NOT ALONE Leona has excerpted distilled gem-thoughts from her flagship book SINGLED OUT. It is an ideal first caring gift to someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. Included in this book is a 50 page STUDY GUIDE for use individually or with a support group.

Every one of us knows friends or relatives 
who have experienced the loss of a loved one.
Purchase Leona's books as a gift for them!

Single copies are $12.95 plus $4 s/h. 
All 3 books for $35 plus $5 s/h

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Excerpts from newly published "Not Alone"
....I have been through a sudden emotional storm with the death of my spouse. It is natural to feel battered. The sun is not yet fully shining, but God has promised to bring me through. No storm lasts forever. With the songwriter I affirm, "Roses will bloom again, just wait and see. I don't know when, but roses will bloom again." The Lord watches over me, come what may. His promises will never fail....

....Often unexpectedly,sometimes over trivial household repairs, grief will rear its troublesome head. I will begin to indulge in self-pity. I realize that I'll have to learn to survive in an unfinished, unfixed, imperfect environment. Either I will have to start trying to fix things myself or learn patience as I wait for someone to rescue me....

....I can't hop into a plane called "Hope" and rise above normal, human feelings. Healthy grieving is a ground transportation experience. I must make my way over rough terrain, struggle uphill, sometimes coast back downhill. At times I end in ditches at the side of the road.  But God wants me to be patient with myself, as He is patient with me.... 

....My spouse has gone on ahead, but my Lord has further marching order for me. Perhaps renewed marching orders in the same direction, or different in some respects--or totally different. Whatever God's assignment, I will no longer carry it out as a married couple. Nevertheless, I will carry it out as a couple! There will still be two of us--God and me!....

....Healthy adjustment is an ongoing process and I'll never "arrive." I can't expect to learn to be single again overnight. As new situations arise, they require new adjustments, an alteration here and there. The Lord and I will be working together to make my new role fit so I can move on to live and please Him....

....If I am not careful, I could sentence myself to prison, even to solitary confinement. Others do not lock me in. I walk into that cell by my own choice and close the door. If I make excuses and decline invitations to accompany friends to activities, church, and leisure pursuits, I can vegetate unnecessarily. Balance in my life with sufficient time alone and also blocks of time with people enables me to take advantage of God's entire green pastureland. (John 10:9)

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