Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A Dialogue with God. GOD SPEAKS IN BOLD—of course!

MAZE: a confusing network of intercommunicating paths or passages; a labyrinth; a state of bewilderment or perplexity.

I approached Lord God seeking some serious answers as I groped to find my way from Start to Finish through the MAZE of my life.

“Lord, how can I know Your will? The unknown lurks behind every hill. At each turn I have choices, face crossroads, intersections: Shall I go to the left or right?”
My questions are sincere. I wait for His answers.

“People, like ships, pass me in the night. Strangers, friends, touch my life. Is it random, by chance, or fate?”
I press my quest. I can’t rest until I know.

“When people speak, is it You speaking to me or only they? Or my own interpretations filtered through my subconscious, twisting, turning, garbling Your words and thoughts to me?”
Why doesn’t God answer? I’ll try to get through again. . .

“The display screen of my life is fuzzy, the audio is muffled, Lord, the picture is out of focus, the screen flips, covered with horizontal lines.”
Still no answer? Lord, do You hear me?

“I must hear from You! I really do want Your will. Don’t leave me alone to find my way through the MAZE of my life bumping into walls in frustration, banging on doors that don’t open. My knuckles are sore, Lord.”

And I’m beginning to wonder: Is the Lord’s hand shortened that it cannot save? Or His ear heavy that it cannot hear?

Of course I hear you, child! My ear is always inclined toward you. Even in the stillness of night when loneliness grips you and you can’t even verbalize your prayers, your questions.
I see the tears on your pillow and hear you when your heart is too full to cry, when you feel numb and mute and too depressed to go on. I AM there, the Ever-Present. I AM the Great I AM.

“Oh, now I hear You, Lord, but I don’t feel You. I can’t reach out and touch You. . .”

Don’t you know that we are always in touch? I know your longing heart, broken dreams, your anguish and hopes, joys, sorrows, your downsittings and your uprisings. Behold, I know your thoughts afar off.

“I can’t believe that You know me so well!”

I know you by name. I AM always with you. I never leave you nor forsake you. I AM closer than parent, friend, or ones you love. I care. I love you.

“But have you left me to chance? Are all the events of my life just dangling loose ends? Is my life a haphazard MAZE without meaning?”

I AM He who brings all things, yes, all things into your life for My divine purpose. I plan and control them.

“And the people in my life?”

All things, My child. I plan and plant people in your life, not hit and miss but by design. Life-to-life encounters are not accidental or incidental; they are fully appointed by Me. When a life touches a life neither is ever the same. Listen carefully to Me to find for what purpose each one touches your life.

“O Lord, help me understand! Don’t let me down if I am slow to learn.”

Do you think that I would? I AM committed to you. Trust Me to clear up the picture and adjust the focus when the time is right. Then everything will be displayed in proper contrast and color and the horizontal lines will be locked in.

“When, Lord, WHEN? How SOON?”

Don’t be impatient. You and I have eternity to work everything out, not just this short span that you call a lifetime.

“But what are You getting at through all this traffic and turmoil in my life?”

I AM conforming you to the image of My Son. That’s My trajectory. It takes some earth-time. Although you’re coming along well, you don’t look enough like Him yet. But we’re working on it, you and I.

“I feel better now that we’ve had this talk. But what if I lose You again, Lord?”

You can never lose Me. Just keep Me tuned in, keep reading what I wrote especially for you in My Book. When you don’t hear Me with your human ears, listen with the ears of your heart. I dwell intimately in you. And My Holy Spirit is not called Comforter and Helper in vain. He will interpret My messages to you.

“O Lord, the MAZE doesn’t look so hopeless now. Why is that?”

I AM at the Start, I AM at the Finish, I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. I AM the WAY through the MAZE of your life!


Exodus 3:14a; Matthew 28:20b; Joshua 1:5b; Psalm 27:10;
Psalm 139:1-6; Psalm 18:6; Psalm 25:4, 5, 12; Romans 8:28;
Revelation 22:13; John 14:6.

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