Saturday, October 4, 2014


Two members of the Community, builders by trade, chanced to meet on The Way. One carried a hammer and saw, the other wore a tool belt and carried a bag of nails and 2 x 4s. 

Since they found each other fair company, The Two walked along until they came to a "Building Lots" sign. Impulsively, and without any verbal agreement or thought as to property ownership or community regulations, they began to build a structure together.

One held a board and the other sawed and nailed, all the while engaging in small talk. They observed and discussed the buildings rising around them under construction by other workmen. Some structures they admired, at others they shook their heads. Still others brought on hilarious laughter. The Two builders continued to labor together.

Eventually, their own structure began to take shape and loomed quite massive. Passersby stopped to stare and then began to snicker and mock their handiwork. The Two paid no attention to the unkind remarks but sawed and hammered even more furiously and with greater concentration to detail. As time went on, they did not find one another as congenial as before. They often argued heatedly over trivial matters. Moreover, they kept running out of materials and improvising with this and that. Never did they consider stepping back to look at the result of their joint labors.

One day a great stir arose among the working people in The Community. It was whispered around that Master Architect was on His way to inspect His projects. He was the Owner of The Community and the Land on which they were privileged to build. Other builders hastened to complete their structures, diligently comparing their progress with blueprints. The Two builders also accelerated their labors but experienced increasing difficulty both with their workmanship and their incompatible relationship.

A hush fell over The Community as Master Architect arrived. He paused at each structure to commend the builders for their diligent labor, their faithfulness to His Master Plans, and patiently correcting any deviations from His blueprints.

"Well done, thou good and faithful builders!" rang joyously in the ears of workers who built small, simple, common buildings as well as those who erected more elaborate edifices. For it was Master Architect who gave the specific plans to each and only for those were they responsible.

At last He paused before the building of The Two. At His bidding, they reluctantly laid down their tools. Puffing and perspiring, they came to stand before Him. A crowd gathered.

"Where are your blueprints?" inquired Master Architect.

"We don't have any—we are—just building...." stammered one worker. "We are—I think—constructing a temple."

"What?" interrupted the second. "I thought it was a barn!"

"Friend, you certainly knew that we...."

"But you didn't say anything...." countered the other.

"Nor did you!" he defended in confusion.

"Silence, My children! Lift your eyes and look at your building," commanded Master Architect.

All eyes were turned to the strange structure. It rose high, a grotesque, oddly styled building unsuited for any purpose. Laughter rippled through the crowd. Their building had two distinct sides! One worker had built his idea in one direction, the other pursued his own thing on the other side, although they labored side by side, day after day.

In spite of the laughter and disdain of some, others expressed pity and sorrow for The Two builders. They fully expected Master Architect to immediately nail a "Condemned" sign on the structure and deal harshly with the disobedient Two.

As The Two Builders hung their heads in shame and confusion, He turned to them saying, "Truly, truly, My children, why were you so foolish? Why didn't you come to Me, as the others did, for the special plans I reserved for you Two. I would have shown you exactly how to raise your building in beauty and symmetry and yet express your creativity. We could have viewed its completion together with satisfaction. Then I would have rewarded you and allowed you both to dwell in this structure with great joy. My blueprints specified that it was to be a residence for yourselves—with Me!"

The Two builders were silent as they contemplated the consequences of their mistake.

"Truly, truly I say unto you, each one who builds must first sit down and consider whether he has My building permit. With it I will freely provide blueprints reserved from before the foundation of the world for each of you and abundant wherewithal to finish the building. Moreover, Two cannot build together except they be agreed, lest being divided in goals and in heart, the result will be disastrous.”

In His mercy and love, Master Architect showed The Two builders how to use the same tools, and the same materials to reconstruct His dwelling in a perfect way. In humility and gratitude for a second chance, they thanked Him, bowed to His generous forgiveness, and eagerly accepted His original plans. 

Taking up hammer and saw again, The Two set upon their renewed common task with great joy, fresh zeal, single vision, joined hands, and united hearts.  And it came to pass in due time that The Two Builders restored their structure to a residence of great beauty and dwelt there in harmony and love with the Master Architect!



Amos 3:3; Luke 14:28-30; Hebrews 11:10; 1 Corinthians. 3:9;
2 Corinthians 5:1; Ephesians 2:21,22; Psalm 127:1;
1 Corinthians 3:12; Ephesians 2:10.

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