Thursday, October 2, 2014


It happened in a garden
as did the First Temptation.
The sight and aroma of fruit
nearly overwhelmed Human Heart.

The fruit wasn't ripe yet,
but it looked luscious!
His hearty appetite lured him,
the proximity of the fruit
and its accessibility
intoxicated him,
compelling him to reach for it
regardless of consequences.

Rational Heart tapped him on the shoulder.
Human Heart whirled around
startled at the touch—
he thought he was alone
with his temptation, with his choice.

"The fruit isn't mature," Rational Heart
stated simply.
"It's better to wait."

Human Heart flushed, his craving
intensified by negative advice.
"I don't want to wait!

"You'll find it sour.
A bitter, puckery taste
will linger in your mouth...."

"I don't care!
It will be sweet to me," Human Heart
murmured passionately.

"...and your stomach will ache."

"Leave me alone!"

"Think of the fruit then,"
argued Rational Heart.
“The seeds in unripe fruit are still imperfect.
Picking fruit prematurely aborts
their natural development.
You will interfere with the future."

"But the fruit will satisfy me!"
countered Rational Heart,
tormented by his desire.

"Fruit picked unripe is
intemperate gluttony,"
persisted Rational Heart
more sternly now.
"Lust is desire out of control,
raw, passionate presumption."

"But how long
do you expect me to wait?
It is well into the season.
I have already waited too long."

Rational Heart reasoned,
"Some fruit is ripe in spring,
other fruit takes longer
into the heat of summer.
Some of the most delicious
ripens slowly
and must be patiently waited for.
Not until after the first kiss
of autumn's frost will it nearly burst
with well-matured sweetness."

Human Heart cried out in anguish:
"But it will be too late!
The fruit will be spoiled!
I may not be around to pick it!
Someone else will get here first!
It may become wrinkled, shriveled, dry
before I can enjoy it.
I must pick it while I can!"

"Nature makes no mistakes,"
asserted Rational Heart.
"It will not be too late.
The taste of fully ripe fruit
is better than wine.
You will eat it with great pleasure
like nectar on your lips
and milk and honey under your tongue
in full season.
Your patience will be rewarded
with full satisfaction at last!"

Human Heart pondered his plight,
perspiring with his inward struggle,
tantalized by his burning desire
for immediate fulfillment.
He mentally weighed his immediate craving
against the prospect of deferred delight.

Then he made his decision....



Song of Solomon 4:10-16
1 Corinthians 10:13
Psalm 106:13-15

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