Wednesday, October 8, 2014


RELUCTANT PILGRIM sat in his lawn chair relaxing in the shade with a tall glass of iced water at the edge of a vast wilderness called Dryland. He saw a Figure in The Desert approaching him and beckoning to him. He shook his head declining His invitation.

Reluctant Pilgrim didn't like to deal with serious things or needy people. They depressed him. He had his preferences. He loved to walk in the cool shadow of mountains, along woodland paths that wound through the green forest, and stroll along the shore enjoying the ocean breezes. Alone, of course. 

But The Figure persisted in His invitation, extending His nail-scarred hand toward Reluctant Pilgrim. “Let us go together to seek the lost, comfort the sorrowing, and heal the hurting. We will bring Water to thirsty ones. Come with Me to The Desert. . . . ”

“Ask someone else,” he begged off, averting his eyes. “Thank You anyway, Lord, but I'm quite indisposed. You see, I'm afraid of camels. I sunburn easily, sweat in the heat, and I don't like to wear sandals. My tender feet burn and blister and split. My throat gets parched when I swallow sand and grit. The hot wind bites my fevered face and I really tire easily.”

“There are thirsty Travelers who must journey through Dryland. I have given you My Living Water and entrusted you with sharing it, the only cup of refreshing that can quench their thirst.”

“Such people should think twice before choosing a path through an arid desert. I could stay right here on the edge of The Desert and tell them to take another route instead.”

He looked deeply into the eyes of Reluctant Pilgrim, as He had into the eyes of Peter at that disciple's denial during His trial. Then, without a word, He turned His back and slowly set off alone into the Dryland. 

Reluctant Pilgrim suddenly felt a chill in the air and his heart was touched with sadness that he had grieved Him. He got out of his lawn chair, hesitated for just a moment, then took a step toward The Desert.

Reluctant Pilgrim called after The Figure, “Wait for me, Lord! I regret my refusal! Accept my weak willingness. You will provide some sunscreen, right? Please forgive me! I do want to journey together with You through Life's DryLand.” 

"Sunscreen? Yes. And there are some date palm oases. I will teach you how to become a watered garden, a spring of refreshing to meet the needs of those whose stumbling, blistered feet we will wash together, as I washed the feet of My disciples."


Matthew 21:28-32
“...And He came to the second [son] and said the same thing.
But he answered and said, 'I will not'
yet he afterward regretted it and went....”
Isaiah 58:11
"And the Lord will...satisfy your desire in scorched
places...and you will be like a watered garden and
like a spring of water whose waters do not fail."

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