Monday, October 27, 2014



 YES, the third book (pictured below) of my more recent spiritual autobiographical TRILOGY of the "THE LAND OF MORE" series is on the press and soon to be available. I'll notify you of the release date soon. Hurry and order at the discounted pre-publication price of $11 plus s/h for your Christmas giving. See details in the column at the right.

  And YES, these books are in addition to my original autobiography (the thick one with 439 pages!--I had to cover my first 80 years!) 
Is CZECHING MY ROOTS: A Heritage Saga & Autobiography still available? YES AGAIN!

Originally priced at $17.95 I have discounted it to $12.95 plus s/h, the same price as single books of my TRILOGY. You may order through my email

Do you get one of these Czech hoodies as a bonus with each book order?
Sorry, NO!  I just put it on this page for fun!

What is CZECHING MY ROOTS all about? I quote below from the
back cover:

"A LEGACY BOOK we all wish we could write!
* A Czech girl who didn't want to be Czech!
* Born in Iowa, she grew up in the 1930s and '40s.
* Spent a lifetime far from her heritage--in China!
* Finally embraced her ethnicity and searched for her own roots.
* Traced the immigrant experience of her Czech ancestors.
* Researched her valuable religious heritage back to the martyr, Jan Hus, and the Moravian missionary movement. 
* Chronicled her exciting adventures in China and the Czech Republic. 
* Shared her own spiritual journey of the Christian faith."   

My stock of CZECHING MY ROOTS is limited. Hurry to order for Christmas while supplies last!

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