Friday, October 24, 2014


May I take Your order, God?
Would You like meat or cereal?”

God ordered meat.
He had divinely ultimate reasons
that would take centuries to recount.
Abel gave Him what He ordered.
It took longer to prepare
but it was worth it. God was pleased.

Cain substituted cereal.
The fact that it was whole grain
and fortified with vitamins
didn’t cut any ice with God.
It wasn’t what He ordered.

May I take Your order, Jesus?
Do You prefer service or sitting at Your feet?

Jesus ordered sitting at His feet.
He had divinely ultimate reasons
from the foundation of the world:
He created man for communion because
He already had angels to serve Him.
Mary gave Him what He ordered.
Jesus was pleased and it was worth it
but it sure disrupted domestic tranquility.

Martha substituted service.
She felt that no one appreciated
her extravagant dinner party
which she put on without adequate help
and now leftovers would spoil
without a refrigerator
but that was not the point Jesus was making.
It wasn’t what He ordered.

May I take Your order, Lord?
Would you rather have
faithful church activity or first love?”

Jesus ordered first love.
He had divinely ultimate reasons because
He ordained the pattern of Bride and Bridegroom
to reflect the Church and Himself.
The Church at Ephesus didn’t give Him
what He ordered. They switched the menu:
hard work for Him
faithfulness to Him
separation, doctrinal purity, perseverance
—all for Jesus.
After all, emotion in religion
wasn't so cool in those days.
But their good intentions didn’t count.
It wasn’t what He ordered.

May I take Your order, Lord?
The chef has so many exotic dishes
and gourmet delicacies.
Here’s today’s menu."

You don’t want a new menu?
You still want the first love You ordered?
To obey is better than sacrifice?

“Me? Certainly I do.
Me? Yes, of course I do.
Me? Lord, I’m really embarrassed
that You had to ask me three times.
You know all things.
You know that I love You!

“What did You say?
That You delight in me?
You want me to sit down with You
at Your dining table to talk
and to share Your dinner?

“Oh, Jesus, Lover of my soul,
I will. . .I will!”


Song of Songs 4:7,8,10; Ephesians 5:25-27;
Isaiah 43:1,4,7; Revelation 2:2,4,5 and 3:15,20;
Zephaniah 3:17

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