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You can SEE, HEAR, and READ some of my background life experiences leading up to the writing of my current book by following the links below.

I don't hesitate to tell my age. Long life is a blessing from God! I've lived under His loving, protective care through the ups and downs of life, times of adversity and times of joy and privilege for "80-something" years.

My 31st published book was my autobiography: CZECHING MY ROOTS—the heritage saga of my life and my ancestry, lived entirely in the evangelical Protestant context. I published it in when in my late seventies, so I thought I was finished with my life of adventures and spiritual service opportunities. After all, what more could I expect? Little did I know of incredible surprises and changes yet to come!

You may go to my publishing web site, then to "Biographies" if you'd like a review of my life story from the above book. There you will also find reviews of my other published books.

Upon returning from my promotional speaking tour for my autobiography, a surprise paradigm shift in my spiritual journey took place. It seemed that I was not finished living or writing after all! Eventually I would need to chronicle that spiritual tsunami experience and the reasons leading up to it for those who were as surprised/shocked as I was. My life story continued to unfold in wonderful, unbelievable ways until I was received to my great joy in 2005 into the Catholic Church—something I would never have imagined possible! Read a brief account of that experience by going THIS ROCK magazine: The September issue, Vol. 18 #7 of Damascus Road carries my story.

To listen to my one-hour, live, international interview on one of the largest TV networks in the world click on My interview is #213, November 13, 2006.

If you'd like to view my JOURNEY HOME interview program, a DVD is available from the Religious Catalogue at

I completed writing the sequel to my original autobiography titled MY JOURNEY TO THE LAND OF MORE: Evangelical to Catholic. The book was published in mid-2010 by THE COMING HOME NETWORK P.O. Box 8290, Zanesville, OH 43702. Read the full story by ordering the book through or 1-800-664-5110 or directly through me by e-mail:, 540-877-1813.

In 2011, Lord willing, I’m writing another sequel to that book tentatively titled LIVING THE TREASURES OF THE LAND OF MORE.

The August 14-20, 2008 issue of the ARLINGTON CATHOLIC HERALD which covers 68 parishes in 22 counties of the Virginia diocese featured my story in their series "Journeys in Faith."

I welcome anyone who is interested to dialogue more with me about my faith journey and theirs. You can find my blog at and I also blog on (Catholic News Agency) in their Catholic Womanhood department.

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