Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have some dreams, Lord

leftover from early years

just hanging there in midair

whose strings I can't let go

some goals that I can't meet

plans I can't complete.

I wonder now—

were they even meant for fulfillment?

Perhaps some are my own foolish fantasies

hot air balloons of self

launched from the platform of my puny pride.

Is my chief distress

that they'll come hissing down

to my embarrassment

without accomplishment?

Then teach me relinquishment

to cut the strings

of those inappropriate dreams

and self-ambitious things

to let them go and not despair

to surrender them to Your sovereign care

and be content to leave them there.

Yet—if perchance the dreams are meant

by Your Divine intent

to come to reality

for Your glory and not mine

inspire me, enable me, my Lord

to pursue them relentlessly

if need be

all the way from here to Eternity!


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