Monday, February 21, 2011

Introducing a good friend's blog

Young Moms, grandmoms, and great-grandmoms (and everyone else who loves kiddos, the menfolks as well) will enjoy Monica Gill's charming blog

"Grace" has a double meaning..."Grace" is the name of her engaging little daughter, and God's "Grace" overflows in their everyday family happenings centered around spiritual lessons the entire family is learning launched by something little Gracie says or does in ordinary life situations.

Those of us who are delighted to follow her blog embrace and benefit from
those spiritual uplifters too.
Sample her archives, meet the family, and enjoy her photos.
You are sure to return!

Monica has another wing on her blog which she calls WHOLEHEARTEDLY -- a call to complete surrendered living to the Lord Jesus Christ--
where she invites guest contributors to share some gem of truth or experience.
Today, February 21, she invited yours truly to submit a vignette
of some spiritual experience which I've entitled
"Minimal Collateral Damage."

You can get there by clicking WHOLEHEARTEDLY
on Monica's header toolbar on the Home page of her blog.

Happy reading!


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