Sunday, February 13, 2011


For Word Processor Buffs who enjoy “slipping disks”

Exactly 20 years ago I published a small collection of 11 poems reflecting spiritual illustrations from the world of computers which I newly entered at that time. We had to slip a disk into the hardware to get started. How far technology has advanced since then!

When I was a child, we thought of “software” as lingerie and “hardware” as the wrenches and hammers my Dad bought at a building supply store in town. I began my book writing career pecking away on a manual typewriter, then advancing to the ultimate--an electric typewriter. I sweated with frustration to rewrite acceptable final draft manuscripts for publishers. I submitted the pages on erasable bond paper and made copies with carbon paper. I balked at the possibility that old dogs could learn new tricks, but I was finally persuaded by my four adult sons to take the computer plunge when I reached retirement age.

I spent the first few years on *Apple MacIntosh hardware and became affectionately attached to my “Mouse.” Soon I added an expanded keyboard and a laser printer. I was on my way! Then *Desk Top Publishing entered the picture. Shazzam! A whole new world was out there (in there). I was “processing words”! Now I don’t even blink when book publishers ask for my manuscript as an electronic submission.

Today’s young puppies learn to maneuver computers early in elementary school with the ease of riding skateboards. When I have a “how to” computer question, I ask a grandchild for whom it is a piece of cake! We older dogs have to keep learning new tech tricks or be forced to slink into some obscure corner and watch the world go by. We must run fast just to keep up since each new generation of computers and software seems outdated in a few months.

From the moment I stared at the magic of my display screen and tiptoed through the massive instruction manual, I was captivated by more than just the potential of word processing. As a Christian, I found the spiritual applications fascinating. During that early, fresh sense of wonder I wrote a collection of poems. They reflect terminology peculiar to *Apple users because I began by sitting under the Apple tree, although I didn’t stay there.

I will share occasional poems from this collection on my blog hoping to evoke common feelings and thoughts in computer user friends who know The God Who created not only the natural world, but Who presides over the exploding worlds of technology. The Designer of All Systems has permitted man to explore incredible things. To Him be the glory!

*Apple terminology is copyrighted.

In my poems I italicize computer terms.

I will enclose a copy of my booklet DIVINE APPLICATIONS as a bonus gift with any order for my books.


(Computer Terminology Reflections)

Lord, I'm available

to be Your Word processor.

You have committed to me

the privilege of communicating

Your ways to men

by displaying in print

the Word Who become flesh

to dwell among us.

May the words I process

quicken the hearts

of those who read

those who need Your living touch.

Help me to faithfully

process Your thoughts with clarity

and write Your Truth with charity

not obscuring its purity with my verbosity.

While I process Your Word

may I be cleansed by You

to become the open channel

of Your glory and grace

and not displace

Your preeminent message

with my own ideation.

I want to magnify Your WORDS

in shift lock CAPS

with 24 point type

boldface style, underscored

and keep my own byline

reduced to 9 point italics.


"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. . ."

John 1:14; Eph. 4:15; 5:26


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