Friday, February 11, 2011


Whether you want to write your life in a few pages
and make copies for family and friends
or publish an entire book,

Leona guides you step by step.

Leona Choy has written this HOW-TO-DO-IT book
just for you.

Here's the help you've been looking for!

She takes you through the enjoyable process of walking down memory lane to retrieve your recollections, the story of your life, the testimony of your faith, the struggles you have overcome, and the joys you have experienced.
Leona makes it easy!

Share God's leading in your life with family, friends,
or the public at large.

She provides inspiration, motivation and practical suggestions
all the way to the finished product.

Regular Price: $8.95 plus $3 S/H.
$5 plus $3 S/H
ISBN # 1889283-17-7

How to order

By phone: 540-877-1813. Or by
Or send your check directly to:
Golden Morning Publishing
P.O. Box 2697 Winchester, VA 22604
Virginia residents only: Add 5% VA sales tax per copy.
Make checks payable to: Leona Choy. Sorry, no credit card orders.
Print your name and address clearly for shipping.
No limit on quantities ordered.

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