Saturday, August 9, 2008


What can I say to a friend who is waiting on the tarmac of life longing for the signal from the Heavenly Control Tower for “Takeoff “? To a friend who is a true child of God, trusting in Jesus? To one who is eager and impatient for the Beatific Vision of God when her lifelong faith will become sight at last? Pain and suffering in her mortal body continue to anchor her to this life even as she prays for release. Her cross becomes heavy. How can I be Simon the Cyrenean to her, to come in from the fields and help her carry her cross?

I can light a candle and pray with compassion and love for her gentle departure in the company of angels whom God will assign to that tender task. And I can offer my prayers at Mass. Although I can’t be at her bedside, I could write my heart’s message to her….

Precious Lyn,

We who love God and are loved by Him are ALL moving forward on our earthly life’s journey toward beholding Him in His Triune glory face to face at last. Some of us have been told that it will be soon when we are called to lay our mortal bodies aside for awhile and our tasks on earth will be finished. Some of us may leave suddenly and arrive there even before those who expected to precede us. Youth or age are not determining factors. Some may linger a bit longer than they would wish, but all of us must cross that final threshold into life after life.

God, not man, has ordained the time of your “Takeoff,” Lyn. I pray that you will be patient and endure your suffering, offering it up, uniting with Jesus’ suffering for you. You are carrying a heavy cross right now, but the way of the cross leads you Home.

In God’s perfect time—no sooner, no later, you will lift off from waiting your turn on the tarmac of life. Just think—you will defy gravity and fly into God’s Presence no longer weighed down with pain and limitations of this earthly life. I pray for you constantly, and I know that Jesus through the Holy Spirit is with you every moment of the day and night to comfort you in every intimate way that you need it. I light candles after Mass for you and pray for you; I offer my presence at Mass and the Eucharist on your behalf.

Lyn, I treasure our friendship that will continue in God’s presence after we both arrive there. I will pray for your journey all the way until you reach your destination safe and sound in the arms of Jesus. Some friends may hesitate to talk with you about your leaving, but should we not be full of joy as we are drawing closer and closer to seeing the One we lived for and longed for all our lives? Truly, let us press through because “the best is yet to come!”

If you get there before I do, please pray for me to our Father that I may always do His will on earth as it is in Heaven. That’ll cover it all. That’s an assignment, hear? And if I arrive before you, I will pray the same for you. We are one family in Christ in the Communion of Saints. There is no separation by death. Didn’t Jesus declare “Whoever believes in Me will never die but have eternal life”?

Lyn, when you close your eyes for your heavenly trip, it won’t be dark! So don’t be afraid. Jesus said that He Himself was the Light. His beloved disciple, John, wrote “God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.” No one can turn out that Light!

I love you, Lyn—and I love Jesus in you. We need never say “Goodbye.” Instead let us say—Until we meet again when we will worship God together in the Beauty of His Full Glory and Presence for Eternity.


Leona Choy

Will it be dark

when I cross that Ultimate Threshold?

Beyond the sunset implies night

with all its terror and fright

as the next unknown scene to unfold.

"He that followeth Me"

Jesus assures those who walk this earth

how much more those on the other shore

who have leaped into immortality

"shall not walk in darkness

but shall have the Light of life."


thunders The Revelation.

"The Lamb is The Light"

the Lamp is His Presence

"no sun and no moon"

speaks their obsolescence

all is as noonday, all is the Light!

It shall not be that we stumble and grope

in the darkness like those without hope

but we, who even now dwell in Eternity

shall shine endlessly

as the stars forever and ever.

The blind shall see God’s blazing glory

the lame will walk, the dumb talk

all praising the Lamb, the Light, continuously.

Will it be dark when we close our eyes?

Must we embark on that Final Voyage

with apprehension and dread

fearing what's ahead?

Banish anxiety! For it shall not be

that we sail into the sunset

but into the splendid sunrise

not into the foreboding of a growing night

but the sure promise of a dawning light

not with sighs but a shout Hallelujah!

God has provided the Lamb, THE LIGHT!

God has assuaged our fears: IT'S BRIGHT!


John 1:9; 8:12; 9:5; Eph.5:14; 1 Pet.2:9; Rev.21:23, 24; 22:5

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Lesley Choy said...

What a wonderful letter your heart wrote :) I love reading your blog everyday! Thanks for starting it and thank you for sharing.