Sunday, August 24, 2008



Leona Choy

I hereby declare


I’m going to chill out this very day

and let my motor idle and delay work

on my endless deadlines and goals.

I’ll ignore the flak from the nervous crowd

which criticizes my non-productivity.

I’ll say “No thanks!” to their generous offer

to buy me an expensive ticket

for a guilt trip to Stressed out Land.

I plan to soft pedal my fortissimo

and play awhile in pianissimo.

I’ll snuff out both burning wicks

from my shortening two-ended candle

and put aside my perpetual “to do” list

scratching over it: “Someday—maybe.”

I’ll loosen the tense strings of my life

and seize an interval of healthy fun

letting others join the rat race I usually run.

I’ll shut my ears to “Do it now!”

and procrastinate till it’s really too late.

I’ll simply bow out for a day

and let my spirit romp and play.

God and I will sit down together

on a porch swing in a gentle breeze

to enjoy a rest at His invitation.

We’ll call “Time out!” as He did

when His creation work was done.

I’ll deliberately neglect responsibility

for an entire twenty-four hour day

and close my ears to the drum beat others play.

I’ll march at my own more sagacious pace

and not compete in life’s drag race.

I’ll not insist on making things happen

but relax in God’s tender silent grace.

I plan to do absolutely nothing today,

just let the world accelerate away.

I’ll lighten up and boldly say

“Today I declare a holiday!”

I’ll loaf and lounge all I jolly well please

and let my throbbing hot engine cool

before I succumb to burnout

and have to be towed away!



1 comment:

Lesley Choy said...

Chill!! That is what I need to do...I totally agree it should be a holiday. What a wonderful idea.