Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In our earlier years we struggled to fulfill ourselves through education, jobs, and careers, possibly in marriage and family relationships. Perhaps through our talents or skills or the approval of others. Time seemed to be on our side. We rarely gave its earthly termination a thought—Plenty of time—open end future.

Suddenly, or so it seems, we find ourselves in the mature years of life. It dawns on us that we aren’t done yet. We haven’t finished what we started. Many dreams haven’t materialized. We had to abandon some and readjust others. We didn’t achieve all our goals.

We haven’t yet become what we had hoped to be.

In frustration, then panic, we may frantically try to scramble up some earthly ladder toward completion, attainment, success. Whatever happened to fulfillment? We stare into the face of increasing limitations.

When we were younger, time seemed to drag its feet. Now time is pushing the accelerator with both feet. Life is like mist or smoke; when we try to grasp it, our finger close around nothing. We keep asking, “Where did the time go?”

Have we lost the whole centerfold of life? Life is crowding us into a corner!

Have you ever had the urge to seize a significant moment and hug it tightly to you? You want it to last forever. Perhaps a particular period of life or some enjoyable experience. Remember the childhood game of “Statue”? You “froze” in whatever position you were when the command was given. If only you could freeze time at some ideal age or without any changes in your relationships, your strength, or your health; to preserve an especially happy moment.

Fantasy! Realistically, we probably wouldn’t be satisfied if we could stop time at this or any moment. Besides, we might miss what God planned for us just around the next bend. It may be better than anything we’ve experienced in the past or present. We might pass up the invigoration of a fresh challenge or a new success.

Sometimes the Lord saves the best wine until last.

In any case, we don’t have a choice. As human beings we are temporarily locked into earth’s time frame. The clock ticks on until one day we step over into a thrilling eternal dimension where “time shall be no more.”

TODAY is the best day for the child of God! The choicest moment is right now.

We’ve already lived our yesterdays. Thanks for Your generosity, God.

We don’t know about our tomorrows. We trust You with them, Lord.

So today is the only time for which we are accountable. We have the awesome opportunity to live it totally for Jesus.

God, help me not to let today slip through my fingers without living it up and celebrating life to the fullest. I still have time to be a faithful steward of the rest of my life.

LIFE MAY BE CROWDING ME, but I have NOW to add more of life’s pages in full color!


Leona Choy

Life, stop crowding me!

I can't keep up with you.

I want to stop and enjoy

what I've become and grown into

but you keep pushing me faster.

I want to pause and savor

the luscious flavor

of what I've waited for

worked for, hoped for.

Why don’t you allow me

the costly luxury

of cementing the moment

I've achieved?

You jostle me to the next stage

the new role, the greater struggle

the higher level, the fresh experience

before I'm finished with this one.

For once, I'd like to catch my breath

and take a look around

to see what I have found.

No such luck!

It's best for me, I guess

not to be sedated

with any earthly success

but to be impelled, provoked higher

propelled onward

forced to stretch my pace

in life’s relentless race.

Otherwise I'd spend my time

sitting beside the road of life

complacent in my comfort zone

appeased and pleased

but wasting away

stagnant and static

to my own dismay

never accomplishing more.

Yes, I'd smell the roses

but in a dull daze

sluggish and unmotivated

instead of getting up and pressing on

and burning out in a beautiful blaze!


Philippians 3:12-14

(From CELEBRATE THIS MOMENT! Prime Time is NOW. A Trilogy of Inspirational Poetry by Leona Choy)


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