Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why does the sky cry?

One might expect a child to ask such a simple, naive question when the rain begins to fall. Since I am a forever-child of my Heavenly Father, I can ask the same question. A dark, overcast sky with gentle rain pattering on my roof evokes many conflicting emotions within me--I feel wistful, happy, yet sad, peaceful, nostalgic, and pensive all wrapped up with melancholy. It makes me both restful and restless.


Why does the sky cry?

Is it for what has been and is no more?

Is it for what is not and never will be?

Is it for what will be but is delayed?

Does the sky cry from emptiness or fullness?

Or simply because in the cycle of seasons

it is time to cry?

The sky needs release and the thirsty ground

needs sky tears to soften the soil

and prepare for spring: the planting

sprouting, birth of life.

The weeping sky and the rejoicing earth

meet in expectancy for the certainty

of growth after the spring rain.

Why does my heart cry?

I don't know why. Perhaps for all the reasons

of the sky and earth combined

for I am part of that cycle of life and its seasons.

I seem to be always in transition, always in anticipation

always in passage to another stage.

I, too, cry from emptiness and from fullness

and for release. Sometimes wistfully looking backward

and then again pressing longingly forward.

Sometimes my tears are neither sad nor glad.

Perhaps my tears are the bridge between

the loving decrees of God for my life

those unknown episodes still beyond the horizon

and the thirst of my earth-heart to know what they are

and what the coming spring will bring

after the planting, after the sprouting

after the births of life that will come forth in me


after my spring rain.


* All poetry on this blog site is by Leona Choy

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