Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thoughts For Holy Week

On a pilgrimage to the Holy Land years ago I visited both mounts. I confess that I only made it half way up massive Mount Sinai in our trek in the dark before dawn, although many of our tour group made it to the summit to view the sunrise. Moses must have been in good physical condition! The contrast between the two locations caused me to reflect on the contrast.


Leona Choy

Sinai thunders “Do!”

Calvary whispers “Done!”

As Moses climbed Mt. Sinai

so I will try

sweating and straining

stumbling over rugged rocks

slipping on steep slopes

attempting Sinai's pinnacle

making it only half way.

Sinai thunders “Do!”

THE LAW, imposed for the good of man

measures with a perfect divine ruler

man's inability to attain

a "mission impossible" standard:

breaking one law

I stand condemned by all.

Calvary whispers “Done!”

GRACE, bought by the blood of the One

who dragged a rugged cross

over rough cobblestones

up Calvary—instead of me

and made it all the way

bought my freedom from the Law!

Sinai thunders “Do!”

Calvary whispers “Done—once for all—


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