Saturday, March 24, 2012

The press is running!

Publishing Update—Leona Choy—March 2012
Living the Treasures in the Land of MORE was finally sent to the printer press-ready on March 9, 2012! Thanks to many of my friends and prayer partners for your investment by prayer and advance orders and designated contributions for the production of this book.
Because of your generous financial help, according to my calculations we are nearing (but not yet reached) the amount needed to cover the cost of production, printing, and shipping! PRAISE GOD! Contributions and advance orders are still eagerly accepted!
The projected timeline for the book’s release is:
20 business days for printing (approx. 4 weeks)
1 week back and forth for the final proof
1 week to finish printing and binding and shipping.
Allowing a little elbow room for unexpecteds, the release date may be, Lord willing, before the end of April 2012!
We hope to have enough funds to launch both this book and the previous one, MY JOURNEY TO THE LAND OF MORE, on e-books at the same time this new book, the sequel, comes off the press. Then both books will be available for KINDLE readers and on other electronic systems.
We expect to offer a special discount for these two books if ordered as a SET and mailed to the same address. Watch for the announcement!


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