Saturday, March 24, 2012

Looking for my blog viewers!

I understand that scientists are continually scanning the heavens deep into outer space sending a signal to find out if there is any life form out there with whom to communicate.
THAT'S MY INTENTION IN THIS POST--to find out if I have any blog-viewers left in cyberspace after letting you down for so many months without new posts!

It is not because I have been lazy or deliberately negligent or uncaring about my faithful blog-viewers. I've been busy writing and preparing to publish another book. With limited time and somewhat diminished strength in my mid-eighties, I've had to choose my priorities carefully.

MY BLOG IS DIFFERENT: I don't follow political trends or comment on the latest news or try to inform you of significant events or people on the world scene. I don't offer youtube videos or family pictures, although my sons keep supplying me with the latest tech stuff to enable me to do so if I wish. There are outstanding blog sites that feature all those things. I don't compete with them. MY BLOG CONTENT IS PRIMARILY A SHARING OF MY CURRENT WRITINGS AND MY LIFE EXPERIENCES RELATED TO MY CHRISTIAN LIFE.

With my current book (I'm not sure but perhaps it is my 35th) nearly off the press, it's no surprise to my friends that I'm starting on another book right away. I always keep several potential book manuscripts in process on the back burner so it's a matter of which one I should pursue next. The answer is that I probably will start on several and see which one God impresses me He wants me to work to the finish next to give Him glory and be of spiritual help to readers. I will give you a preview in my next post of the Preface of one book manuscript I have already started to work on.

I am thinking of using fresh excerpts from my current writings as blog posts. Those may or may not find their way into one or another of my forthcoming books, depending on the length and strength of the generous bonus time the Lord is giving me on Planet Earth. When His allotted time for my mortal life is complete, I will stop writing at the Finish Line--but perhaps resume in His presence in the Eternal Dimension, if the Lord still needs writers in Heaven.

These are incredible tech times: eBooks (electronic books) are not only the wave of the future of publishing, but already sweeping the literary landscape. Publishing without the medium of paper and ink and printing presses has rocketed off the launching pad. From small fry to senior citizens you see eager eyes reading books on their Kindles, iPads, and other electronic media. Academia is on the verge of being transformed; soon students may not be carrying heavy school books in their backpacks but studying from eBooks.

For the author the scene is changing rapidly. It is now even possible to skip the print version of a book and go directly to publishing in the eBook format. One has to keep up with the times so I may venture in that direction as well. I have one published book on Kindle already, and my two latest books will be on within a month or so. This is just a "heads up" for what is coming down the pike in publishing.

Would you please do me a favor, if your eyes are reading this post? Let your friends know that LEONA IS FINALLY BACK BLOGGING and tell them where they can find me. The astronomers may not be getting any feedback from outer space, but I would sure appreciate knowing who is "out there" in cyberspace--if I have blog-viewers. I hope you will let me know if I have your eye! Either leave a comment at the end of any blog post, or better yet, feel free to email me: If I know who you are, we may be in a position to have a dialog--if you wish. But anonymous viewing is okay too.

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