Thursday, March 29, 2012


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Some Popular Titles by Leona Choy
+The Life-Changing Power of the Holy Spirit-
Insights from Classic Christian Leaders 12.95
+Andrew Murray: An Authorized Biography 12.95
*Singled Out For God’s Assignment: 12.95
Dealing with spouse loss (Also on eBook)
*The Widow’s Might: Dealing with spouse loss 12.95
*Walk the Green Valley: Dealing with spouse loss 8.00
*Are You Mad at Me, God? Coping with illness 8.00
*Hospital Gowns Don’t Have Pockets: Coping with Illness 12.95
*Living It Up! Meditations for “prime timers” 12.95
*Celebrate This Moment! Leona’s poetry Trilogy (not in stock)
(However, each of the 3 books in the Trilogy may be ordered separately @ $5 each)
*Release the Poet Within (Poetry writing Craft) 12.95
*How to Capture & Develop Ideas (Writing Craft) 5.00
*Touching China: Close Encounters (Missions) 8.00
*My Dreams & Visions: Ted Choy biography
(out of stock. Loaner copies available)
*Let My People Go (Moses Chow biography) 8.00
*This is Your Life—Write It! (How to do it) 10.00
*Czeching My Roots: Leona Choy original autobiography 12.95
*My Journey to the Land of MORE: (Leona’s spiritual journey) (Also eBook) 12.95
*Living the Treasures in the Land of MORE (sequel to preceding book) 12.95 (Also eBook) Release date April 2012
Please add Shipping & Handling $3 for 1-2 books to one address
$4-$5 S/H for 3-5 books to one address (U.S. orders only)
(Postage subject to change by P.O.)
Ask about discount for quantities
Virginia residents only: Add sales tax 5% to your order
Sorry, no credit card orders
Make checks payable to:
Leona Choy 497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603
Web site: for book reviews & orders

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