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To date there have been 63,503 views of my blog according to automatic record keeping of the blogspot master techies and their software. I have prayerfully and with considerable research posted 715 topics over this past decade.

Who are my viewers and how did they find me and where do they come from?  
Most of them I haven't met and do not know. A considerable number of you have, however, become good friends, even prayer partners over cyberspace through the years. They come from 19 different countries at this writing. Besides the many from the U.S. and Canada, from my computer studio in my home which I call “EAGLE SUMMIT,” I can “speak words in print” to people around the world! The countries with the greatest number of viewers of my blog are first, Russia, second France, third Ukraine, fourth Germany, and fifth Poland. Other countries from which viewers hail are China, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines, Japan, U.K., the Czech Republic, and Portugal. More are continually finding my blog.

Do they all read English fluently?
That is not necessary! The option is given you to read my blog in any language. Did you know that?
Scroll all the way down to the end of the right column of information on my Home Page. See the word "Translate?" And "Select language?" You may click and choose from among the major languages of the world to read what I've written. In barely one second, through Google, your little click brings you instantly my entire blog translated into the language of your choice. So language is no barrier to reading my blog posts! Experiment: Try Zulu. Maybe Swahili or Punjabi. Kazakh? Hebrew? Hindi? Czech or Arabic? Norwegian? Yiddish? Japanese? Oh, the wonders of our amazing technology!

By graphs and charts and bars and titles of my blog posts, my blog system notifies me of how many viewers have logged in today, yesterday, last month, last year, and all time history and the title of the blog post they read, and comments made. This is just to share with you the marvels and joys and blessings I have as a blogger. I don't want to let you down by posting meaningless babble. And I'll leave the political news and opinions and such to other bloggers who specialize in them. I plan to keep focusing on what is of eternal value and relevant to our everyday lives.

Why do I share the above with you? 
I took off a week of my writing time to scan through ALL of my 715 blog posts to select “the best of” the topics, the ones most commented on by my viewers, the ones that touched you in some deeper way at a certain point in your life. Each blog post is still able to be viewed there on my blog by date, by year and month in my ARCHIVES. You can find them by doing a search by topic or title. However, so many of you viewers have asked me to consider publishing them in book form so they can be accessible anytime, anywhere, and shared with others. In that way, my “fruit will remain” and in fact reproduce itself in the lives of your friends and family.

Okay, I hear you. I've been working diligently on that very thing these past few months and have made good progress toward editing “the best of” the blogs into 3 books due to be published in limited press run within the next few months, Lord willing. 

I want to give you a “heads up” in anticipation and ask for your prayers for my stamina and wisdom for this laborious but fun process. At the same time that the books will appear in print, they will simultaneously become available on ebooks and ereaders. These new books will join my other 37 or so already published books and my dozen or so ebook editions, and foreign language translations as part of my “Collected Works.”

The 3 new full length books on their way to be published are titled, FABLES OF GOD'S KINGDOM FOR GROWN-UPS, (a venture into fiction) and SAGE VIGNETTES, and SAVORY WORD SNACKS, all compiled and edited from my blog posts. All of these current books will be released by our own company, GOLDEN MORNING PUBLISHING.

I plan to continue actively posting on my blog and let it gradually grow open-end into a fourth book titled THE REST OF THE WAY and simply let it accumulate my fresh, relevant reflections until down the line it also becomes a book unto itself.

There you have it! I personally think that this is an exciting literary prospect. Besides, it keeps me on my toes doing what I've always done according to my calling from the Lord. Age notwithstanding. I'm not thinking of retiring. I believe this writing legacy is near to the heart of God and for glory, and a further fulfillment of the surprising things that He is still bringing forth from “my life bucket list.”

P.S. This is definitely not just "pie in the sky" wishful dreaming. We're already making swift progress. My son Rick, who does my professional publishing computer work for press-ready submission to the printer, just brought over the printout of the set-in-type font and paginated entire "FABLES" book for my final proof reading! Yay! and Praise the Lord!

Leona Choy

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