Sunday, September 4, 2016

No way! WAY!

I'm using the expression “No way!” in the sense of a popular exclamation of disbelief in something that was said. It's like declaring that what was said or what was attempted is impossible and shaking your head. Or that there is no way out of a dark situation. You have hit a brick wall. Period.

On the contrary, the reply is sometimes the comeback in just the single word “WAY!” indicating, “Oh Yes, it is possible!” That's the way that God counters our expression of sad disbelief or despair.

The saying by which we sometimes encourage hope in one another is, “God makes a way where there is no way.” That expression is not a Scriptural quote, but the truth of it is nevertheless implied throughout the Old and New Testaments and in the experience of Christians worldwide throughout the ages. The Supernatural comes into play where the natural ends. The Divine Possible begins where the human impossible is encountered. I believe all Christians can nod heartily to that in their own lives in times of despair. I confess that in my own experience again and again GOD HAS COME THROUGH in some unexpected WAY and “out of the blue!”

As an aside, there is a search that can exhilarate and inspire us if we lookup through the Bible the use of the term “the way.” We discover a gold mine that can make us rich. “Way” is used both for a literal journey and a way of life. It contrasts the way of the wicked and the way of the righteous. It is used as a figure of speech for the direction of one's life. The Psalms overflow in this use uttered over and over. It culminates in God finally giving us His bottom line in Isaiah 55:8-9: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Carried over into the gospel and the life and teachings of Jesus it bursts forth into Jesus' declaration, “I AM the WAY and the Truth and the Life.” There is special significance in that the title THE WAY was adopted early in the Church age to identify the Christian movement itself (Acts 9:2;19:9; 22:4).

God is a Maker of ways where there are no ways in our personal lives today—in my life and in your life—as well as historically for His people. We so often limit Him by our lack of faith when we express “No way!” We somehow think that when we've exhausted all of our efforts to bring ourselves through a seemingly impossible situation, that we've tried every possible avenue of relief and that is the end of it. But where we end, when we take down the sign, "Men at work!" God begins to work and Philippians 4:13 comes into focus. “I can do all things through Christ.” The Holy Spirit either whispers or shouts to us, depending on our circumstances, “WAY! Just watch God work!”

Believe it! The Lord might suddenly come up with a surprising new way, a fresh angle to the solution, something way out in left field, the better way, the higher way that He has been planning all the time. He was just waiting until we bottom out, come to the end of ourselves, and get out of His way so that He can make that way where we don't see that it even exists. That's His modus operandi, the WAY God works on what we call impossible things.

Consider Isaiah 40:4 and echoed in Luke 3:4,5. He is a Specialist in making rough places smooth and narrow places broad, crooked ways straight, and in moving mountains and hills when He takes over my problems—and yours. In other promises He brings water out of rocks, creates streams in the desert, and ways in the wilderness.

Let's get into the spiritual habit of declaring with God “Yes, WAY!” Please make a WAY in our hopeless situations. Is anything too hard for the Lord? Thank Him in advance for His road construction work, and get out of His way as He does His spiritual bulldozing right over those impossible deserts where roads can't even be made, and through the impenetrable rocky mountains blocking our path. Watch Him work out the “WAY!” that wasn't even there before! Is there any reason you or I can't ask for a miracle in our currently impossible circumstances? WE HAVE A SUPERNATURAL GOD!

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