Wednesday, June 8, 2016


An ad on TV for some kind of pharmaceutical to prevent or cure memory loss, or at least slow it down, began with the declaration, “Your memories make you who you are!”

Just a minute, not so fast! Is it a given then, that when memory begins to fade or disappears down Memory Lane, or wherever memory gets lost, that you are LESS of who you are? Or that you are no longer who you were? That you are heading toward being marginalized or forgotten by others or less esteemed? Does dementia or Alzheimer’s take away your value in the sight of God? That all that transpired in the past which you can no longer remember doesn't count when the Records are open in Heaven?

That can't be so! God forgets nothing—except our confessed, forgiven, absolved, and “cast into the depths of the sea” sins. Those He remembers no more. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice to remove our sins as far as the east is from the west. Who we are, what we have become, and what we have done is forever etched on God's memory and will be rewarded whether we can remember all or none of it.

Diminishing of memory is subtle and sneaks up on us ever so stealthily. First, we might start having “senior moments” when names of familiar people or places or things begin to escape us. Then we can't recall what we had for breakfast. (That's not important anyway, is it?) All the above is not necessarily the sign of a disease. 

To use some computer analogy, it might simply be that through the years we have accumulated so much in our “hard disk” that our minds are in overload and we are just “deleting” some of the “trash” or trivia that we don't need anymore. Perhaps it's a matter of making more room for important information of the eternal kind. We may just need “rebooting.” Or to pay better attention to our nourishment and ramp up our quality or quantity sleep. In any case, our memory doesn't suddenly disappear into thin air to be gone forever.

For those of us who are not experiencing memory slippage—YET—let's be understanding, patient, loving, and forbearing with those who are. They still are who they always were, precious to God and to us. And let's express our appreciation to the Lord and say “Thanks for our memory,” for our eternal spirit given by God when He breathed the breath of life into us. That's where our memory is located forever and forever. In the presence of God in Heaven all that is stored will be recalled and accounted for—and rewarded. Nothing is irretrievably lost.

Leona Choy

It's incredible how much I've forgotten
although when I did it
said it, saw it
wrote it, heard it
all was fresh and plain and clear
and I never had a fear
that I wouldn't be able to recall it
at will.

Some things I'd rather forget:
unpleasantries and failures
hurts to me and mine
and the pain I've given others
my sins, open or secret
displayed plainly
and etched indelibly
in the storage disks of my mind.

You are far beyond my word processor
which conveniently and without error
electronically recalls
ALL that I program into it
whether good or bad, trivial or trash
glittering gems of eloquence
as well as typos or blatant errata
even untruths and gibberish.

I esteem and appreciate
the compassion and mercy
of Your awesome memory process
to remember no more my transgressions
placed beneath the Cross.
I bless You for their loss for eternity
in the depths of the sea
removed from your display
as far as the East from the West!

Undeserving and unworthy
I applaud Your infallible memory
to remember forever
to record perfectly
and reward in eternity
my deeds done and words spoken
in Jesus' name
cups of cold water given
visits to the sick and the prisoner
an inn and care provided
for a battered one
the perfume of my praise
lavishly anointing Your feet.

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