Thursday, June 30, 2016


Early in my life I decided it was good to try evaluating my life-journey as I went along so I would be sure I had the right goals in view. I wanted to know if my life-ladder was leaning against the right house that God wanted to build of my life.

I didn’t want to arrive at the top of my life-summit with a backpack full of regrets, nor view the future with disillusionment, despair, or dread. It is a jolt of reality to think that I'm approaching the top of that life-ladder now.

At intervals, at least once a year on my birthday or some other milestone event or remembrance, I have tried to set aside time to pray and ask myself specific, searching questions and write in a journal. My answers aren’t meant for anyone to see but God, the Searcher of hearts. The closer I have come to the top of my calendar ladder, the more time-sensitive my self-evaluation becomes. I urgently ask myself:

From the perspective of an average life span, how many physically, mentally and spiritually productive or alert years might I realistically expect are still ahead of me? Am I running out of time? In view of that, on what should I focus as my priority? What “things of the world” or “cares of life” hinder my pursuit of eternal values and sap my time and strength? What could I eliminate or limit? Is there anything significant I am missing in my life? Should I still go for it with God's help or accept its absence with contentment? 
What benefits and bonus blessings has God given me in this summit season for which I should specifically thank Him? Is my life characterized by joy and optimism or by complaint, negativism, defeat, or depression? Do I have a grateful, contented heart toward God, or am I frustrated about unfinished work, unfulfilled goals, broken dreams, or unsatisfactory relationships? 
Is Christ truly still the center of my life, or am I focused on a cause, a ministry, a person, or my own interests and well-being? Am I satisfied with what I have become and with what God in His omniscience decided to paint on the canvas of my life?

Such questions go to the core of my authentic self, my inner person, my eternal spirit created by God. I struggle over the honesty of my answers and what they reveal of my inner life. My answers stir me to redeem the time God is still allotting me. Some answers cause me to shout with a grateful heart when I see how wisely God is still leading me, especially when I have been prone to go off on detours. Sometimes He lovingly jerks my leash and guides me by His whisper into His best ways. Always I am energized by God’s absolute goodness, love, generosity, and sovereign work in my life.

If I still have a couple of rungs at the top of my life-ladder, show me, Lord, how to keep climbing well.

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