Sunday, June 10, 2012


So, whose day is it?

            I can’t believe how many times I said that today. One thing after another went wrong. Very wrong.
            My computer crashed and I was left without being able to send important messages. I thought I might be going deaf in my right ear. My appointment with my audiologist turned into a rollover appointment with my ENT doctor involving several hours. Not good. I have serious congestion. Came away with a prescription for a strong antibiotic. Then my car wouldn’t start in the medical building parking lot. Had to phone my son to come to my rescue. It was 92 degrees and not yet noon. I forgot my water bottle. My energy was depleting fast. When I finally arrived at the pharmacy no prescription awaited me. It had been phoned to a branch pharmacy across town instead. I was told there would be a 45 minute wait. It was another hour and a half. Then my cell phone went dead.
            And so it went for the rest of my exhausting, frustrating day. My well-planned schedule was shot. Nothing seemed to go right. I kept complaining, “This just ISN’T my day!”
            But didn’t I kneel and present myself to God at my bedside upon rising as is my lifelong habit according to Romans 12:1? “By the mercies of God, present your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.” Didn’t I ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Didn’t I affirm that I wanted to obey His will in all things today in my life on earth as it is done in heaven? Didn’t I ask the Lord to bring into my life today anyone and anything that was in His will to fulfill the destiny to which He had called me when He created me? Didn’t I ask Him to keep me flowing in the river of His will for His glory today?
            Then what’s my beef? God was simply answering my prayers all day long in His perfect way to accomplish in me and through me His will that I had wanted from daybreak on. Smooth sailing on the flowing river of His will through the day wouldn’t have done it as well. God brought me into exactly the situations and to encounter the specific people He wanted me to touch for Him today, or to be touched by.
Did I miss something? What spirit did I project? The fragrance of Christ or the odor of my whining and frustration? Did I miss some opportunity to share the Christ in me with someone else by my attitude or my words? Did I drop the ball and overlook some learning experience to be further transformed into the image of Jesus?
Obviously I needed the sandpaper of those abrasive, adverse experiences to grow in my trust for God today. I needed to rely less on myself and my own control. Could it have been God’s loving test? Not to see if I would fail, but to put me in a position for the pressure to draw me closer to Him?
OF COURSE IT WASN’T MY DAY! I had given my day over to God and it was His and I am His. “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it” –whatever He sees fit in His love to put on my plate. God is in charge of the menu!

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