Saturday, June 9, 2012


Discovering my niche

            No, I didn't misspell the title. I’m referring to my God-given “ROLE” in life—my purpose, my destiny at this particular time in my life cycle. The question presupposes that God has a plan for the entire sweep of my life. I wholeheartedly accept that faith premise! These are introspective thoughts: I direct the following questions to myself in what is realistically the final season of my life.
Do I know what my role or life-niche is right now? I may have known what it was at other stages of my life when it was more clearly defined. Now it is not that easy to perceive. Do I know why I’m still here on earth and what God means for me to be and do before I have finished my task on earth? Who am I in Christ and what is my place in His Body, the Church, in His Kingdom?
It is absurd to imagine that the Lord has abandoned His plan for me and the calling on my life just because I have reached a certain chronological age. What is there about “I will never leave you or forsake you” that I don’t understand and trust? God is eternal and views all things in the eternal present. He is “God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come” as the hymn writer declares. “Ages” can be thought of in the sense of personal chronological ages as well as ages of history.
What’s around me right now?  Who is around me now? That’s what and who I’m responsible to share Christ with. Have I found my present niche, the place and the life to which He called me? It may be considerably less public than before, even hidden. If it happens to be a restricted one, even relegated to relative inactivity, that is still the sphere in which He intends that I live and serve Him. Am I walking in it faithfully and to the best of my understanding and ability?
            My sphere in life at whatever the season of life I’m in evolves and changes according to God’s working in my life and my circumstances. It is determined by my openness to God’s will for my life or my resistance to it.
            Am I influencing my culture and circumstances, or do they squeeze me into their mold and stifle me? Do I resist where it seems that God has planted me? Do I think He made a mistake? Do I think He abandoned me in my advanced years? Would I rather be elsewhere and with other people under different circumstances? If I harbor that attitude, I am the temporal, mortal clay pot questioning the wisdom of the Infinite Potter.
            It is as if I’m standing at the center, the hub, of a people wheel. I’m not standing there alone but with Christ. He means me to reach out to the people in my circumference with my hands and heart as if with His hands being the spokes of the wheel
            In all your ways acknowledge Him.”  “My ways” are my present circumstances where I’m to express His Lordship. God has put enough instruction in inspired, sacred Scripture to help me ascertain whether I’m in the will of God and how to find my niche and serve there with His enabling. IT IS SIMPLY UP TO ME TO DO IT.

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