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Then I took the challenge and read it....all 350 pages! In two days!

Now I dare you to read it to understand how vulnerable we are in the electronic age in which we live with all our "essential" electronic gadgetry.

Here is a wake up call, a realistic scenario of the potential demise of our "civilized" American way of life if we continue on our current frantic trajectory of total dependence on electricity and electronics.

 Be prepared: what you read is sure to shake you up, change your perspective on your daily life, and reinforce the importance of eternal values.

New York Times best selling author William R. Forstchen takes us to a real location, a  small North Carolina town, Black Mountain near Asheville, and lets us experience a year of struggle for survival with people who could be our neighbors. It begins one second after America has lost a war without even fighting.  Suddenly and permanently everything electronic or electric stopped. Life as we all have become accustomed to vanished. America was catapulted back to the Dark Ages. 

The war had been fought with an unseen and unidentified enemy. The weapon was an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). It could just as well have been caused by geomagnetic solar storm disturbances which can also cause the sudden failure of everything electronic. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, snowstorms, regional power outages or other natural disasters can likewise quickly plunge us backward into an era not unlike how people lived 500 years ago. 

One Second After was cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read, a book being discussed in the corridors of the Pentagon as a truly realistic look at a Twenty-first century weapon and its awesome ability to destroy the entire United States (or any other nation's) power infrastructure literally within one second. It is a weapon that the Wall Street Journal warns could disintegrate American society, a dire warning of what might be our future...and our end. Knowing what could happen and how people can react in a fight for survival allows us time to prepare personally, as families, as a nation, and as citizens of our modern world.

You can find this book on Check out the fantastic prices for used copies. Or go to your local bookstore. A Kindle version is available. Tell your friends--after you recover from the intense drama of this nail-biter page-turner. Although fiction, it is authentically researched and, be prepared, all too terrifyingly real.

The protagonist is a former military Colonel and history professor at a small Presbyterian college in North Carolina. We follow the story of his family and community in a life and death struggle for self-preservation and community survival where both the best and the worst comes forth in human beings--all too realistically.

This author of more than forty books knows his stuff. Dr. Forstchen lives in the area he writes about and is a faculty fellow and professor of military history at Montreat College.

I believe you will never forget this book and what you visualize in your imagination as you read it and become acquainted with the characters. The bonus is that you learn valuable and practical means of survival and you may still have time for some preparation. If you never have to use your new knowledge, thank God!

Speaking of the possibility of an EMP event, "It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when." General Eugene Habiger, USAF (Ret.) Former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Strategic Command.

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