Friday, November 7, 2014


I stand knee deep in water
pleasant, shallow at low tide.
At least I am in it—
so why am I not satisfied?

I look out on the vast expanse
of ocean dotted with bobbing sails
beckoning to me, teasing me
tugging at my yearning to taste
the immeasurable MORE.

I wade around engrossed in studying
my manual on “The Art of Sailing.”
I have listened with shameless envy
to accounts of others who have
hoisted their private sails. 

I pen poems from my imagination
describing by proxy the invigoration
of *The Wind in midstream.
I have highly recommended The Wind
and sailing skills to others
but I continue sloshing around
aimlessly in discontent
wading, waiting—for what?

Finally an empty boat floats near.
The mast is bare but oars are there
so I climb in, push off at last!

Then I sweat and strain
toiling with soulish energy
rowing in foolish circles.
Is this what it’s all about?
Other boats sail effortlessly by
propelled by An Unseen Power.

A folded piece of sailcloth
lies limply in the bottom of the boat
like my disappointed spirit.
The Wind whips against my face
inviting me, drawing me
stirring the depths of my being.

What is this immeasurable MORE?
How shall I capture The Wind
to billow my sail?
I yield to HimHe captures me
and we leave the shore
for a Distant Destiny
heading to the Land of MORE!
*THE WIND...the Holy Spirit

                                         John 3:8 and Acts 2:1-4

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