Saturday, November 22, 2014


  Leona Choy's new book arrived EARLY!!
The publisher beat his own deadline for printing!!!

I have the books in hand! So if you hurry, you can still take advantage until November 30 to order more copies for Christmas gifts
at the pre-publication discount of $11 plus $3.50 s/h for the new book just off the press:


E-mail me or phone me 540-877-1813
or cell phone 540-398-6611
to make sure you get under the wire for your discount.
You can follow later with your check.

After December 1 the price is still only $12.95 plus s/h!

Gift copies to others are an investment
in lives for eternity!

Please introduce Leona's entire set of LAND OF MORE Trilogy books
to your friends and family

Consider giving especially this new book
to those who are retired or retiring, to parents, to advancing-in-years
relatives, friends, neighbors and all who need 
spiritual encouragement
and challenge to live the chronological adventure
of their own “summit season” Christian journey.

The Lord of all seasons of our lives wants to be
Lord of our advanced years.
Our “summit years” can be our vintage season when
the best wine has been saved until last.”

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