Thursday, September 19, 2013


(Excerpt from Ch. 15 "Wordsmithing on my summit" from Leona's book-in-progress)

Dear Lord,

I'm in a dilemma. When I have a computer problem in my word processing, my high tech sons keep telling me, "Just be logical, Mom!" I have a hard time trying to do that.
I’m not complaining, Lord—just putting in a request through channels. My valued Guardian Angel has been faithfully with me 24/7 since my conception. I really appreciate him. You created him smart as a whip, wise, alert, skillful, and powerful as are all Your heavenly messengers. He is multi-gifted and he helps me multi-task. He does marvels for me in every area of my life. But, forgive me for mentioning it, perhaps he is not too sharp in the technical department.

Be that as it may, Lord, I really need a Techy Angel to assist him in these highly specialized days in which I live as I try to serve you through my published words.

My four sons give me immeasurable help in computer technology and provide me with state-of-the-art equipment. But they are still mortal and limited and not always available to help me. Of course, being more skillful and experienced than I am, they lovingly scold me when I’ve got into some computer confusion. They first ask me accusingly what I did to get myself into this fix. That intimidates me! Usually I don't know. My sons keep telling me that I should simply follow the prompts to solve my own problems. I honestly can’t, Lord, because sometimes I really don’t even know what the questions or options mean in order to make a decision. I hesitate to venture into unknown areas “above my pay grade.”

My loving sons always do come through to rescue me and give me a new start. Without doubt they have their own Guardian Angels who are probably more tech-savvy than mine. He helps me with the creative stuff.  Forgive my adult boys, Lord—sometimes they shout at the computer calling it stupid in their anger when they themselves may have hit a brick wall trying to figure out a certain problem. 

When I get into some unsolvable-to-me computer predicament, my son Rick can even magically guide my cursor from another location without being present with me. Awesome! He tells me just to sit back, and I watch the monitor with amazement while he guides the cursor here and there in the squigglies of computer language, right at the heart of this thing. He makes his way around in its inner workings like a brain surgeon. That’s so much like You, Lord, when You take over to solve some life mess I’ve made. I relax and let you do the driving.

But I’d really like to have a Techy Angel on duty all the time to assist my Guardian Angel because I’m so often frustrated with the hardware and the software. You’ve given me a dominant right brain and I deal primarily with creatively processing words to help people draw closer to You. I can’t seem to think in a technical direction. It was so simple in my earliest days of writing when all I needed was a black manual Underwood typewriter whose carriage you had to push back to start another line and you had to use “White-out” fluid for corrections and onion skin paper and carbon paper for copies. And there was no such thing as a printer.

Oh no, Lord, I wouldn’t want to regress from the marvelous ease of this technological and electronic age! Certainly I wouldn’t like to go back to how it was with a manual typewriter—or to a quill and parchment or chiseling words in stone! Thank you for all the advancements at my disposal to accomplish the divine tasks of Your Kingdom!

But the vehicle of writing and publishing these days seems to demand a stronger left brain. Lacking that, I need a Techy Angel with a left brain to help me. If You want to send a human one, I will be so grateful. If you send an invisible angel, brilliant and mighty directly from Your Throne Room, that would be so cool! I’d take good care of him, feed him angel food cake, and laud and applaud him. It would make my writing life a whole lot easier, thank You.

Your created and redeemed mortal with an Eternal Destiny,

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