Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Of course I answer the phone when it rings. Certainly I go to the door and open it when someone knocks. I have come to believe that when anyone comes into my orbit on a given day, God has sent him or her. I look at nothing as a chance happening. 

The primary definition of orbit has to do with the circulation of celestial planets. However, I use the word in a secondary way as “the usual course of a person’s life or range of activities.” Orbit relates to “circum-,” whatever is a part of my circumstances or circulates around me; a happening that has something to do with me. It may be a person, an impression, or a reminder of someone or something that enters my present circle of life. That may be by a phone call, letter, email, an impression, a thought, a Scripture passage or encounter with someone. 

When a person comes into my orbit, into the circle or sphere of my daily life, across my path, or into my space, I believe God planned for me to bless them or to be blessed by them. I try to lift a prayer for them immediately, however briefly. (I must be sensitive to God's voice; sometimes He impresses me that prayer is enough.) I ask God whether He has a reason for our connection. 

It might include encouraging a person on his life journey, affirming whatever good I see in his or her life, expressing my love for him in words, and sharing God’s love. Also by listening to him, by showing my genuine concern for him, and being available to him. I try to listen and discern whether God has a word for me through that person. 

On the other hand, I need to discern whether someone might have come into my life to bring some wisdom from God to me, to encourage me, correct me, challenge me, or inspire or guide me. I try to be open and welcome that word through the one He has sent.

Some people come into my orbit only for a short time and at God's ordained time in both of our lives. We touch one another's lives to fulfill some purpose of God. Then they leave. I must not question that. I must let them leave. Some stay longer and a cherished bond is formed. God takes His time to fulfill His purposes in both of us. I have met certain people only once but our friendship sprang into blossom and continues without end. Some people come for a lifetime and we remain bonded for God's deeper purposes. Such friendships may remain intact even if we live far away from each other or don't see one another for years on end.

It is beyond my understanding, but I have formed some precious and lasting friendships through cyberspace with people I have never met! We are “one in the spirit and one in the Lord.” I must let the Holy Spirit have Lordship over my relationships and their duration. I ask the Lord daily to bring into my orbit only whom He expressly desires. 
So I ask our Heavenly Father every single morning to intimately schedule my day for me, to bring into my life that day everything and only, whatever and whomever He wills. It's a given then, that I should not consider anyone or anything as an interruption to fret about or resist changes to my well-laid plans. Such disruptions are not accidental or are any events that happen incidental. They are my opportunities and God's appointments ordained for my good or for another's good and for His glory. 

I pray for the Holy Spirit to filter out people who might sap my energy and time through trivial talk or petty matters. For this I need to be perceptive and hear God accurately. To redeem my time for the Lord, especially in the diminishing days of the summit season of my life, I must be single-minded and careful to “be about my Father’s business,” as Jesus was. The orbit that the Lord has designed for me in my advanced years is no less significant for His Kingdom work than when I was in active mission ministry overseas. “Lord, help me keep my eyes and heart open, and my ears tuned so I can fulfill Jesus’ words, 'He who has ears to hear, let him hear.'”

Today and every day is a fresh day to love God and walk with Him and serve Him in my specific orbit. Every season of my life has brought me into different orbit adventures. The Lord often surprises and delights me with unexpected encounters and serendipities. They may be waiting right around the corner with the next email in my inbox, phone call, or knock on my door.

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Lisa said...

I love this Leona! I found you recently through a post on the late Barbara Curtis' web site (which I was also new to). I really enjoyed reading her conversion story. When I am at my most centered upon my creator I strive to approach my day just the way you have described. Thank you for the encouragement of our shared faith.