Friday, September 27, 2013


(Excerpt from Ch. "My View from the Summit")

The God of the Second Chance also gives us a third, fourth, and even fifth-and-beyond chance. He is patient and merciful with us as we go through His learning process. How thankful I am that He doesn't follow the rule “Three strikes and you're out!”

I've fallen short and failed so many times in my long life, but the Lord always reaches down and picks me up, brushes me off, gives me a hug, and sends me on my way again.

I learn from my failures—sometimes—and sometimes I don't, and God has to bring me back to kindergarten class again. Psalm 23 declares, “He restores my soul.” It happens over and over, and I am ever so grateful.


Long ago on a distant hill
in the springtime of my soul
I gathered a pile of stones
beneath an ancient oak.

It was my altar
where I knelt unseen by man
in intimacy with my God
for my special consecration.

Occasionally I return
if only in my memory
and seek that tree and the stones
and my place of sacrament.

Sometimes I find
the rocks scattered haphazardly
by insensitive hands
or nature's accident
perchance by passing time.

So I perform
the ritual of gathering them again
piling one upon another
to reassemble my altar.
I kneel to restore my commitment
to the Lord, my Rock.

Such is life:
the rebuilding over and over
of personal altars and the renewal
of promises made
to our Ever-Merciful and Forgiving God
The God of the Second Chance.

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