Monday, August 19, 2013


On a foggy, overcast autumn morning, my friend Jo sent the video link below which her sister Dottie shared with her. Dottie is courageously enduring a long struggle with cancer surgeries and therapy. My day brightened from drab black and white to COLOR, virtually if not in reality, when I focused anew on the goodness of the Lord.
GOD IS GOOD regardless of circumstances or atmospheric conditions when I keep eternal values in view. And the view is the same regardless of in what season of life I find myself—advanced in calendar years or starting off in the springtime of life. “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.”
The spectacular video, as it alternated from black and white to full color, reminded me of a poem I wrote in one of my published poetry collections titled HEAVEN AND NATURE SINGS. God always paints in color!

GOD, in primal creation
splashed joyously every color
shade and hue
splendid spectrum
throughout His world.
The firmament shows
His lavish handiwork
in infinite variety
design and symmetry.
MAN, as part of creation
echoes and mirrors
reflects and portrays
his Creator
through his human creativity
by taking brush
chisel and pen
instrument of music
voice and body
to express to the eye
and the ear
color and harmony.

THE DEVIL, aberration of creation
forever masquerading
as an angel of light
in reality thinks black
and expresses drab.
His graphics are always
black and white.
He shrouds himself in shadows
where no Pure Light shines
to reveal creation's color.

Because the devil refused
to acknowledge God
he knows how to play
only one song:
"I did it my way"
and it is off-key.
Only God paints in color
and composes harmony.

Click here: Colors

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