Saturday, May 21, 2011


I trotted along in the footsteps of Dr. Scott Hahn for most of the several years of my pre-Catholic journey.

His denominational history, evangelical conversion, zeal for the Scriptures, academic scholarship, and personal integrity were guideposts for me as I struggled with the drastic paradigm faith shift that would eventually lead me into the Catholic Church.

Scott's story parallels that of Saul of Tarsus. Now, as a convert, his zeal for the one holy catholic and apostolic Church combined with his excellent academic preparation and experience in the Protestant world and subsequently in the Catholic context is an awesome treasure for the Church worldwide.

I am privileged to keep tapping into that treasure through his many books, CDs and DVDs to accelerate my progress in the faith and share in his biblical insights.

Meet Scott Hahn through the link below and taste for yourself the riches that this man of God so eagerly shares with others on whatever faith journey you find yourself.
Click below:

Catholic By Grace: Presbyterian Pastors Who Are Ready to Change Denominations: this one is for you


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