Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mommy Life: Happy Mother's Day - funny!

You want a belly laugh?

Ah, the video below is too true! We raised 4 sons...and ONCE, yes, once they surprised us--it was on our 40th wedding anniversary--by giving us a large framed studio picture. All 4 had on suit jackets (wonder of wonders!!!) and incredibly well-matched ties.

I found out later that all the suit jackets and ties belonged to one of them...could it have been that the other 3 appeared at the studio for the photo not appropriately clad?! And the one who knew his brothers well, had come prepared for every eventuality? I was never told!

One, who will remain unnamed, had a wrinkled collar and knot loosely tied but a most engaging smile! All were smiling, doubtless dutifully echoing "Cheeeeze!" A winning photo for sure! It is still up on our wall these many years. Not one of my sons has ever disclosed what went on behind the scenes or how many proofs were rejected before this one was selected.

Every holiday we go through the same other families find this familiar?
The moan in unison, "Ohhhhh no! Mom wants us all to take a picture together AGAIN!"
All group pictures of our "Gang of Four" have been casual and candid snapshots ever since that one-and-only studio event. And I love each one! What's not to love if you are a mother?

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Mommy Life: Happy Mother's Day - funny!

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