Friday, March 25, 2011

You Just Keep Blessing Me, Lord!

Forgive me for being so excited, but it seems that every day God brings someone or something to enrich my life! Never a boring moment! I’m reluctant to waste time going to sleep at night because of these incredible adventures. I always pray as I roll out of bed in the morning, “Lord, bring into my life today anyone and everyone whom You want in my life, or whose life You want me to touch and bless for You.”

Then I wait on tiptoe for God’s serendipity surprises!

I normally have busy days and a tight writing schedule, (that’s why, as much as I would like to, I don’t post daily on my blog) but I don’t regard anything or anyone as an interruption—I recognize each one as God’s pre-arranged appointment, actually an answer to my prayer.

Often the encounters are launched with an unexpected e-mail message (I receive up to a hundred a day) from someone who has read one of my books, or someone who wants to come visit me, or has a problem to unburden and asks for counsel, very often prayer requests, or a sharing of joys. I have the humble privilege of walking by means of cyberspace alongside many friends across the country who are on their journey into the Catholic Church or have been newly received.

Just in the past week or two the following surprises have blessed my life: a young mom in Poland saw my story on the Internet and e-mailed me asking whether I would help her with some questions concerning her spiritual journey back to the Church. A former priest in the Episcopal Church wrote me to share his joy of being received into the Catholic Church last Sunday with his entire family, and the news that he is now preparing for the Catholic priesthood. The daughter of a distant relative whom I’ve never met wrote to unburden her anguish about her abusive marriage and asked whether I would help her find faith. A well-known missionary professor from India who was a classmate at Wheaton College 64 years ago wrote me recently from London to reconnect our friendship. A former Lutheran minister in Texas wrote me that he came into the Catholic Church not long ago along with about ten of his parishioners. They’ve all read my recent book about my spiritual journey and have become prayer partners. Frequent e-mails with another new convert in Wales have bonded us as close friends although we have never met. A seasoned-in-life couple who served God with the Catholic Church in Jamaica came yesterday from a neighboring parish to have sweet fellowship in Christ.

The above is a brief sampling of what I’ve come to expect God will bring into my life to enhance my walk with the Lord. My life is never the same after each of these new encounters and many hundreds more especially during this wonderful prime time in my eighties!

Ah, one more special encounter—I love to share my friends! Earlier this week someone whom I didn’t previously know asked to visit me. God generously launched me into a new friendship with Barbara Curtis whom I want you to meet on the Internet so you too can be blessed: and her blog Don’t fail to click the STORY of her life and her RESUME. A new book, DISCOVERING FAITH, has been released this month featuring Barbara, among other prominent people, telling the stories of their conversion to the Catholic Church. Her picture is on the cover between Martin Sheen and Clarence Thomas!

She is the “mega mom” of 12 children, among them 3 Down syndrome adopted sons (in addition to one Down son of their own). Barbara is an award-winning author, political and social issues commentator, parenting specialist, media personality, columnist, public speaker, and one of the most energetic and engaging and genuine Christians I’ve ever met. Hard to believe her hippie, counterculture, radical left, drug and alcohol addictive, feminist background!

And don’t miss this: Tripp and Barbara’s youngest daughter, teenager Maddy, has recently been on American Idol—before she turned 16. View, listen, and enjoy by Googling: Maddy Curtis American Idol or any of the other sites which come up.

Check out the YouTube sites of her A.I. auditions in Boston and Hollywood, her performance at the Youth Rally for Life at the Verizon Center before the March for Life in Washington, D.C. in January 2011, and Maddy and Jonny (one of her Down syndrome 4 brothers singing the National Anthem. (Be prepared with Kleenex!) And Maddy singing "Taylor, the Latte Boy."

Here is an authentic Christian young lady who is courageous in her witness and really going somewhere for God. I can't wait to meet her!

Well, Lord, who do you have in store to bless my life tomorrow?


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Allison in AK said...

Dear Leona,
Found you via Barbara Curtis and would like to introduce myself and say hello! My husband was a pastor with the Assemblies of God and 6 years ago, we too were received into the Catholic Church after several years of study! Our first child (of 6) was born with cystic fibrosis (Not sure why I wrote that but it seems right to tell you.). I look forward to reading and getting to know you!

Allison Howell