Saturday, March 26, 2011


gray: a color between white and black; having a neutral hue; dark, dismal, gloomy; indeterminate, intermediate in character

Spring doesn't appear full blown one morning to announce with a shout, "Here I am!" It lingers at the threshhold of the season's door like the family cat that can't seem to make up its feline mind to come in or go out. There are melancholy gray days, misty and bone-chilling between winter and spring. So it is with the transient times of my soul when God is growing me, stretching me to reach the next level of conformity to His image.

Gray days uninvited but designed by God are not meant for me to merely endure but to embrace in anticipation of the joy and strength to come.


Gray days, uninvited, slip in

between winter and spring

and bring gray moods

and mental monotones

snow birds chirp in muted notes

the season seems suspended

with winter open-ended.

Drab days endured

with passive acceptance

will always pass I know

the cycle is ordained:

gray, in-between days are always

followed by The Grand Spectacle of spring

when the somber draperies of the sky

are suddenly drawn back

and songbirds warble cheerily

heralding the splendid season

and the inevitable renewal

of every living thing.

My soul too passes through

gray times, waiting times

shrouding me in melancholy

with a certain sadness

that fogs my thoughts

tempting me to despair.

Be patient, soul! embrace

the transient testing times

welcome them assured

that you are being fortified

by gray days uninvited.

Mellowed and molded

my subdued spirit rests and waits

in the assurance of God’s time

for its dismal winteriness to be dispelled

by the predictable burst of spring.


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