Saturday, March 26, 2011


My life was enriched when Barbara Curtis walked into my home. Nearly 25 years separated us chronologically. Nothing separated us spiritually although we were meeting for the first time. We felt as if we had known one another for a lifetime. We had a dozen common bridges in our backgrounds and our foregrounds.

After Barbara pulled out of my driveway, I hurried to my computer eager to introduce her and her remarkable story, her unbelievable family, her wide national ministry, her popular books, and surprising faith journey to all my friends via my blog. I love to share my friends!

Apparently Barbara did the same. I was surprised to see the link below pop up when I clicked into her fascinating and varied blog. Once you sample it, be prepared to stay at least an hour or two. You'll be informed, inspired, and challenged by her insightful comments about anything happening in the world that's worth knowing about--from parenting to politics. I can just about guarantee that you will bookmark her blog for regular return trips!

Mommy Life: Meet my new friend, Leona Choy

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