Tuesday, March 24, 2009


SPRING startled me today
as I shook out the dust mop.
He took me by surprise
for I didn't realize
he was so close!

He slipped behind me
ruffled my hair with the wind
kissed my cheek with the sun
and then laughed
to see me blush.
His warm breath caressed my neck
teasing me, making me restless
as I swept winter from the porch.

I tried to get him off my mind
by staying inside at humdrum tasks.
SPRING rustled the curtains to get my attention
and flirted with me
through the open window.

I can't resist him!

I must run away with him
right away today! So I race
with trowel and seeds in hand
to our garden rendezvous
our "special place"
eager once more
for the touch of the rich mulch
and sweet earthy scent
of Virginia country soil.

Despite the lingering chill
of the retreating March wind
in ecstasy I kneel
in the moist flower bed
breathing hard, delighted to feel
basic nature and the hope of life
incipient in the seed
that is about to experience
I surrender to my impulse...
I will cast off my winter inhibition
and yield to the thrill
of SPRING'S embrace!


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