Friday, January 19, 2018


I received a "happening" for which I needed a frame. The "happening" was painful, confusing, and certainly not fun. I needed to see it in proper perspective--I needed a frame of reference.
It came unexpectedly and without a label to display its purpose. I had to exercise my free will and make an intentional decision as to what attitude frame I put around it. If I wasn't intentional and passively dragged my feet, Ole' Liar would be at my door with a whole cart load of dirty black recycled frames to peddle. He wouldn't even knock. He'd just barge in uninvited. His frames had negative names like Catastrophe, Too Bad, Worst Case Scenario, Tragedy, Misfortune, Give Up and Bad Luck. I've had dealings with him before and I always get the short end of the stick.

I knew a much better source where I could always find a frame that was both durable and attractive. I needed a Custom frame appropriate to the “happening.” The Master Craftsman offered a lifetime guarantee. Off to His shop I went. The promise on the window was “Masterpieces happen here.” My "happening" could be one of those, I hoped.

There I found an impressive array of positive frames with names like Opportunity, All Joy, Prospect, Blessing in Disguise, Boon, God's Gift, Good Fortune, Peace, God's Favor, All Good and Trust Me. Each one was enchantingly beautiful. All of the Master Craftsman's frames were antiqued gold and ornate, worthy of their Maker. 

I had to be intentional and choose an appropriate attitude frame. It would determine how I displayed my faith in times of adversity because it would be hung in plain sight for all to see. There would be no doubt how I was handling my “happening.”

I decided on the All Joy frame for my “happening” because it was highly recommended in the book of James. It agreed with the Apostle Paul's repeated spiritual mantra, Rejoice always, so I know my choice will be pleasing to the One who meant my "happening" for my good and for His glory.

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