Monday, January 22, 2018

FAN THE FLAME--Creative Christian Writing

by Leona Choy
 For writers at every level who are Christians
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A new expanded direction of my encouragement ministry for the Lord is to pass the baton of creative Christian writing to the emerging generation of Christians whom He is calling
to "Write For the Supreme Editor"

Lord willing, I am doing that not only through my published books of resources for Christian writing 
 but also through coaching/mentoring/assisting 
 writers individually online from my home writing studio
in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
and in association with Christian writers groups 
across the country.
Also by offering online downloadable pdfs on various writing topics like the one in this post. 

The purpose? Assisting Christian writers to develop to their full creative potential in their personal calling from God. 

FAN THE FLAME is an excerpted chapter
from Leona's new book
"Writing for the Supreme Editor"
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You are welcome to download this pdf free of charge.
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